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Star Map


Instance Strategy

Some quick points on instancing. Fighting the Vanduul will be more like "The 300", instead of a mountain pass to guard our flanks we will have the instance mechanic. They will not be able to come at us in over whelming numbers so it would be 30 or 40 on 30 or 40 Some of the Vanduul's will be Carriers but that is what we have Glads and Taly's for :-) . This assumes CIG get the matchmaking to work as planned. So in each instance at a Vanduul point of interest will be it's own Thermopylae.... but we can reinforce as well as the numbers go down.... until we can land/board then it is FPS...


I remember reading somewhere that guild will do their own kind of thing so they can follow their own command structure

Guild recruitment

This area would be for guild to put postings for ships or crew they would want to use for the operation now actually becoming a member of the guild is up to the guild. This idea is like if a guild wants someone that owns a freelancer to do supply runs for their guild or whatnot they can post it here and most likely have a link to website or forum or something.