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Since the game is still very much in Alpha, all data in this wiki will be subject to constant drastic changes until alpha/beta, and the OP itself.

Currently as recon stands, it will be divided into 3 stages of operation, from Stage I-III. Stage I will consist of short stealth recons, with properly outfitted ships, in order to get initial assessment of border territories. Stage II, "hot recon" in which fast scouting ships, like M50, 350r, 315p, and so on, will make passes into the system to see how the Vanduul units react. Stage III will be a force recon, a small group of ships entering Vanduul space to attack a few ships, see how they handle, and how reinforcements work out.

Scouting will be the most planned out of all the stages of the operation by the time alpha launches, as it's something players can plan and prepare for before there is actual content. It will also be the first third, and part of the second third, of the entire operation, so a lot of planning will be involved.

Stage I

  • Initial Scouting - The first sets of scouting runs into enemy territory will be done using stealth ships, such as a Ghost Hornet, in order to get as close as possible without garnering attention. The ships will enter Vanduul territory, observe and record data pertaining to unit types, movement, sensor data, etc. in order to assess further missions. MFAPs will be established at this time in friendly territory, should the scouts run into trouble, their pods can be quickly recovered by rescue units standing by.

Stage II

  • Hot Recon - Stage II of the recon operation will consist of fast exploration ships. The purpose of this stage is to get into previously scouted space, attract the attention of defending units, and see their reaction. Scouts will observe how fast and how strong reaction forces are, and flee towards friendly space. MFAPs set up in friendly space will prepare for any accidental Vanduul that follow escaping scouts, and return to retrieve any lost pilots. In Hot Recon, it's not reccommended to engage with the enemy, merely see what they might do, but if combat is the only option, scouts should prepare to defend theirselves on this mission.

Stage III

  • Force Recon - This stage of recon will be a small show of force. A small unit, consisting of fighters and a few medium-sized ships, will enter Vanduul space and attack. Their purpose isn't to necessarily win, but to see how strong the different kind of ships are, how fast they react, and what sort of reinforcements we could possibly encounter. The attacking ships will engage for a short while, then return to friendly space in the same manner as Stage II.