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First Post


The is a wall of Text so


Let's organize the entire player base to invade the Vanduul systems at the end of the beta. We have nothing to lose. Let's do something stupidly glorious (Yes we would all probably die), and heck CIG just might let us keep them.. :-)

First reality check given the number of NPC's in the game, our chances of pulling it off are almost 0, so we would all die doing it.

OK that out the way, some detail

About a month back there was a thread, about this same topic but instead of the Vanduul it was the UEE. There is a problem with this, most of the law and order Guilds would side with the UEE and so you would never get a consensus of players. Where as the Vanduul are enemies to all humans. So both lawful and pirate aligned clans could get behind the idea of attacking the Vanduul, much easier to build a consensus against a common enemy

The last word I have heard is CIG is rightly planning a wipe after the beta, so not to give backers bigger advantage than we already have. So the point is we really don't have anything to lose. In this case Lets do something that is epic.

The Vanduul in my opinion are one of CIG's tools for keeping control of the game and to keep any organized player group from negatively impacting the game. If a player group becomes too obnoxious "hello Mr Vanduul Fleet". The Vanduul as far as we know, are outside the dynamic economy so can be whistled up at need. This leads to some fun implications

CR has said he wants the player base to help write the SC story, but it also obvious that we are not intended to drive it. A huge group (i.e.most) of players invading an area that is not part of the economy and would not threaten any planed story arcs, writes the story but does not drive the PU. The interesting part is we may be able to convince CIG to let us keep them human controlled at the end of the beta.

Other reasons to do it, there are a lot of the player base that would like to own and fly a Scythe, but lore prevents that and they are un-insurable. So even if you capture one, you wouldn't fly it in harms way.....But if we write our own lore take some Vanduul worlds via the new planet side FPS mechanic and capture some factories we can change all that

Full disclosure. I am privileged to own a scythe, it bothers me some that other folks don't have the opportunity. This a way to change that and it just sounds too damn fun...



Edit 1

Edit: There won't be a Beta wipe... Let's still do it.. Do you want to live forever?

Edit 2

Edit 2.1 Seems if we are going to do something stupidly glorious we should have a theme song too :-) March of Cambreadth

Youtube Link

Edit 3

Edit 3.2 Thanks for all the support for this idea, I am truly humbled! I am happy to report that ACES Executive Counsel voted unanimously to support this operation. Those members of Guilds/Squadrons/Crops/Clans/ if your interested please suggest it to your organizations and post points of contact here if officially sanctioned

RSI Forum Link

Lone wolf and small teams I set up a venue for you to organize if your not comfortable in a guild structure

RSI Forum Link

And anyone not wanting to organize, we are more than happy to have you fly to the sound of gunfire. Everyone is welcome.

Edit 4

Edit 4.1 Some quick points on instancing. Fighting the Vanduul will be more like "The 300", instead of a mountain pass to guard our flanks we will have the instance mechanic. They will not be able to come at us in over whelming numbers so it would be 30 or 40 on 30 or 40 Some of the Vanduul's will be Carriers but that is what we have Glads and Taly's for :-) . This assumes CIG get the matchmaking to work as planned. So in each instance at a Vanduul point of interest will be it's own Thermopylae.... but we can reinforce as well as the numbers go down.... until we can land/board then it is FPS...

"No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy." Nelson

Edit 5

Edit 5 We have a back story thanks to Wrath_Of_Deadguy

Frustration with the UEE over failure to take decisive action against Vanduul attacks could be a big motivator- frontier colonists historically often formed their own militias and took matters into their own hands when the authorities were too slow to act, refused to act, or simply didn't have a large enough local presence to make a difference. Even though the Vanduul have no unified government, many spacers could be led to believe the attacks would subside if enough people banded together and gave one or two of their clans a sound whomping. The objective might not be so much to wipe the Vanduul out wholesale as to conduct a massive retaliation against their border clans to set an example for any others who might get it in their heads that humans are squishy, easy targets. Message delivered: if you stick your blades into our friends and neighbors, we'll stick your heads on pikes.

Thanks to "a Hunter lives among the Stars" we have awesome recruiting posters and the operations name "Operation Pitchfork"

Edit 6

Edit 6 Hull Insurance Questions Solved. It works in Vanduul space see Link below. Thanks to Moonguardian

RSI Forum Link

Edit 7

Edit 7.1 Shanks thread explaining what we know of the Vanduul

Edit 8

Edit 8.1 In thread (page 37) I suggested goals for the operation

Thanks to Shepard for some truly beautiful art.

Edit 9

Edit 9 Jay_Hawk has volunteered a team speak server, his only request is no griefing

Also thanks to KingPredator for setting up a ship tracking thread

RSI Forum Link

Edit 10

Edit 10.1 We have our own website thanks to Xeriar and Facebook pabe thanks to Benjamin the Rogue

On the site is a pilot count and ship count, Wiki has been cleaned up thanks to mediaflare(Skyhound)

The Facebook Page can be found here

Facebook Link

There is also an SOP on page 43, if your curious..

Awesome art

By Kartr Kana

From a Hunter lives among the Stars the Pitchfork emblem on his Taly and close up

I can only show a small part of the art in the OP

The rest will be in the art museum

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