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This is the most recent map of the known galaxy for Star Citizen. As the game develops, this map will constantly change, so check back to see if anything has. For an intereactive version of the Galactic Map, click here.


Full Location List

This wiki is not a comprehensive list of information for the entire Star Citizen game. If you are looking for more information, or information about subjects irrelevant for OPPF, check out the Star Citizen Wiki

Important Locations

OPPF will take place between the borders of UEE and Vanduul territory, with the primary goal of retaking Orion, as well as any Vanduul factories and Kingships along the way. The systems that are listed as a priority in this operation is as such:

Vanduul Territory

  • Orion - The point of origin for Operation Pitchfork. The Orion system (primarily the colony on Orion III, Armitage) was formerly UEE space, part of a project to expand UEE territory. However, the Vanduul also had claim to this system, and they began sacking Armitage. The few surviving colonists fled Orion, when it was abandoned by the UEE, leaving the Vanduul to take over the territory. If OPPF were to be truly considered a 'victory' in the eyes of others, Orion needs to be retaken.
  • Virgil - A Vanduul-controlled system, little is known as of yet on this region of space. Virgil is a primary objective, needed in order to secure Tiber, and use as a supply-line towards Orion.
  • Tiber - Known by the Vanduul as Korathen, humanity call this system 'The Grinder.' Tiber is a staging point for Vanduul raids, and as such, is heavily populated and fortified. The UEE has attempted many times to take over this system, and drive the Vanduul out, but none have proven successful, and has cost countless lives to be lost. Tiber is a primary objective, as it's the strongest point for the Vanduul, and a neccessary staging/supply area for OPPF to reach Orion. Also most likely location to find a Kingship, a secondary objective for OPPF to capture and claim for Humanity.
  • Caliban - A Vanduul-controlled system, little is known as of yet on this region of space. Caliban is a primary objective, needed in order to secure a supply-line towards Orion.
  • Vanguard - A Vanduul-controlled system, little is known as of yet on this region of space. Vanguard is a secondary objective. If secured, will help secure the lines towards Orion, and set as a defensive line for counterattacks.
  • Vulture - A Vanduul-controlled system, little is known as of yet on this region of space. Vulture is a tertiary objective. If secured, could possibly help find alternate routes, or even a safe path to Banu neutral territory.

UEE Territory

  • Vega - This system is on the border of UEE and Vanduul territory. Not many people live in this system, as it is often the target of Vanduul raiding parties. Vega is a secondary objective. Fortifying this location will help ensure a supply line towards Orion, as well as a defensive line should counterattacks occur.
  • Garron - A UEE system bordering on Vanduul territory. Little is known of this system right now, however it's considered a primary objective, as it's the launching point into Tiber, one of the main objectives for OPPF.
  • Centauri - A system bordering Vanduul territory. One of the first systems settled during Humanity's first age of interstellar expansion. Centauri is a tertiary objective, it may be used to deliver ships and supplies to Nul or Elysium during the operation, as well as a minor defensive line.
  • Croshaw - Named after Nick Croshaw, the first human to navigate a Jump Point, it is a system bordering on Vanduul territory. Little else is known, however Croshaw can be considered a secondary objective, sending troops and supplies through Nul, as well as a defensive line to Sol.
  • Elysium - A UEE system near Vanduul territory. Very little is known of this system, but Elysium can be used as a secondary/tertiary objective, as it can be used to launch into Vanduul territory, but it is unknown if one can reach Orion from this direction. Possibly can be used to get to Banu neutral territory
  • Sol - The coreworld of UEE territory, as well as Humanity's home planet. This will be where most of the operation's supplies and support will originate from, though not from the UEE, rather the civilians who are laying down their lives for Operation Pitchfork. This area isn't part of the front lines of the operation, but every member must be ready to return to Sol to possibly combat a counterattack from the Vanduul as a result from this event.


  • Nul - Neutral/criminal territory between UEE and Vanduul space. Nul is a dangerous area for anyone, Human or Vanduul, but it can be used to the operation's advantage. Nul is a primary objective, to be used as a 'backdoor' to get into Vanduul territory, and flank Orion.
  • Leir - Neutral territory, home to the Outsiders, a society that refuses ties with outside forces. No immediate value, but can be used to jump into Vulture as a tertiary objective, as well as possible exploration to a route through Banu neutral space.
  • Kellog - a Developing system bordering Vanduul space. Home to a maximum security prison facility, can be used as a fortification on the border. Otherwise is a tertiary objective, used as a jump point into Vendetta, another access route to Tiber
  • "#11" *Possible Banu neutral territory 'west' of Vanduul territory. Currently no information available

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