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Humans /ˈ(h)yo͞omən/, also known as "Earthlings, Terrans, Homo Sapiens," are the driving force of Operation Pitchfork. Originating from Earth, Humans have expanded across the galaxy ever since the first Quantum Drive engine, as well as the later discovery of Jump Points. Humans colonized Orion II, and named the first city Armitage. The Vanduul, however, already had claim over the system as a feeding ground, and began sacking Orion. Unable to afford the defense of Armitage, the UEE abandoned this colony, and anyone who could not find escape. OPPF is formed by humans, for humans, to retake Orion, and drive the Vanduul out of the system for good.
Strategic value: N/A


Vanduul[1], /Van-DOOL/, are a highly aggresive, nomadic race bordering on UEE territory. Following first contact in 2681, the Vanduul continued to attack Orion until the humans were driven out. Little is known on their culture, other than they travel in nomadic hordes, with constant in-fighting. Knife imagery appears often in Vanduul art and media.
Strategic value: The Vanduul are the primary enemy of OPPF. Little is known as of yet on the species, so current intent is to scout Vanduul territory, acquire Vanduul technology and equipment, as well as possibly a few surviving Vanduul for study. For OPPF to be a success, more needs to be learned about the threat, and a better understanding of their culture, tactics, biology, and technology.
  • They seem to travel in large ship flotillas, and operate in a swarming, unorganized manner. The largest of their fleets are reported to be Kingships, which can carry hundreds of Vanduul soldiers and ships.
  • The Vanduul are a barbaric race, and would rather die than be captured or surrender. Vanduul pilots will self-destruct their ships to avoid capture, further study into the mechanics of their vehicles could provide much needed intel on how to safely disable a Vanduul ship without the risk of it detonating.


Banu [2], /BAH-new/, are Humanity's allies since first contact back when Humanity was just growing into the galaxy. A diverse, colorful race of traders, the Banu have a loose set of laws in their culture, known as the Republic of Planet-States. Each planet runs their own political systems, so extradition is a nigh-impossible task, as well as the Banu not allowing outside races to pursue criminals into their territory.
Strategic value: It is rumored that the Banu have a 'neutral ground' system deep in Vanduul territory. It might be helpful for the operation to find a safe route to this location, and see what it could offer. The Banu could also provide a cheaper supply of equipment, such as fuel and medical supplies for the mission. Since they have a possible friendly/neutral stance with the Vanduul, we may not see any direct aid from their Republic, though we might find support in individuals, or even certain systems.


Xi'An [3], are a well-established monarchy operating on the opposite side of UEE territory from Vanduul space. They were once Humanity's enemy, spanning a 259 year cold war (2530-2789), until [Emperor Kray] and [Senator Akari] signed a peace accord in 2789. Since then, Humanity and Xi'An have been generally friendly with each other, with some doubts and suspicions remaining on both sides since the cold war.
Strategic Value: Xi'An controlled space is on the opposite side of UEE territory. As such, military aid might be out of the question, regardless of their desire to help/hinder humanity. Though trade with their systems is not out of the question, as ships and weaponry might prove useful for the operation.
  • Due to the cold war, Xi'An military cannot cross the [Perry Line], or risk sparking a war with the UEE.
  • Due to relationship with Terra, could still see military aid from Xi'An empire, though it would have to either travel through Banu space, or use [Gliese] as a route to Vanduul space without crossing Perry Line



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