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Forum guidelines
How an organization uses their thread here is largely up to them. Recruitment is quite alright. One thread per org, please.

I'm currently working on software to help us coordinate things more formally, however there's no rush and I'm kindof lazy. So that will be a bit.

In your thread, you'll probably want to present the following

1) An organization link, or where you can be contacted. An official website, or a link to your RSI or thread until the org pages get put up.

2) Proper means by which we can communicate with you.

3) Languages and time zones your organization covers.

4) Org 'alignment' - your organization's views on piracy, basically. CIG has stated that this will be a factor in how encounters will work out. We don't know if it will be single-axis or multi-axis, but I'm currently going to assume single-axis. This may require a multi-prong strike so we don't have Pitchfork forces smacking into each other.

5) Level of commitment required, if your organization is recruiting.

6) Whether or not you're willing to have some lone wolves run with your squadrons for operations. See my commentary here about squadrons - basically, it's a hypothetical size at which CIG won't divide units any further when doing instancing. A percentage is fine. "No lone wolves / we'll let about 10% lone wolves in" etc.

7) Short description of what your organization's goals are for Pitchfork. What do you want? Grab some derelict cruisers, a base of operations, try to establish a piece of territory? Just have fun in one colossal mad rampage?

8) A rough view on what your organization will be bringing to Operation Pitchfork. More in terms of what parts you look to contribute to as an org rather than specific numbers and resources - scouting, participating in the primary assault, participating in extended operations should that prove rewarding, etc.
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