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Topic: Training/Flight lead status  (Read 2592 times) previous topic - next topic

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Training/Flight lead status
Hi guys this is a repost from RSI forum to make sure I passed the idea to everybody.
Well I have a thought in regards to that, does anyone know if there will be a score system in arena commander ?
I would have to think that there would be, I guess we could think about taking the pilots with the higher or highest scores
to lead & or teach the other forkers. Then after a time ( to be determined) check the scores again & have these people
(higher scoring) be the defacto wing commanders of  the lone wolf flights & squadrons. I know alot of people might disagree
but in any armed conflict we need someone to lead & make the small field decisions that are required to win the engagement.
One of the main reasons for checking scores after training & some time is the student might end being better than the master so to speak & thus would warrant a spot as said wing leader. We have about a year to play with from what I have been reading on the forums. Well guys let me know what you think.


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Re: Training/Flight lead status
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If you're interested, you're welcome to join up with the Tumbleweeds. We don't have anything huge, but ssthehunter and I both have stellas that could use some crew and support. Eventually it will be a place for grouping and socializing with the option to advance in the ranks.
Tumbleweeds. A Lone Wolves inspired org.

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Re: Training/Flight lead status
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IAV is currently working on putting together both a team v team league and a Vanduul Swarm leaderboard for Arena Commander. So stay tuned, should be exciting times soon i'm sure =)