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Please Read Before you Post an Idea
We all know there is a lot of theory crafting involved here given the state of the game, that said we can decide on some things.

I have an odd way of looking at strategic planing (I know this again :P). The model is Why, What, and How

Why: Why are you doing this? This identifies your goal(s) As an example "I want to be Rich"
What: What are you going to do to support the goal. Example "I am going to invent new or improve existing products"
How: How you will go about executing what. Example: "I will use the TRIZ algorithm/process against a list of problems that need to be solved"

(For those not familiar Google TRIZ, it is a heck of a neat tool)

So I think we are generally agreed upon the following, if not please chime in

In support of Goal 1 and 4, our "What" is "Secure Orion" and our "How" is to Reduce/Remove the Vanduul from Tiber

So why did I just go through all that? I would request that anyone suggesting a strategy to link the strategy too our current goals or suggest new ones your strategy supports. Remember having fun is one of our goals, "because it would be fun" is more than a good enough reason/linkage. Big note, this is a request not a requirement, so don't feel like you have too if you don't want to. Comments and ideas are always welcome

Supporting information

Operation Pitchfork Goals

1. Make this operation epic and fun - This whole journey we are on with CR and the team is something special. I see this attack a last celebration for Backer's and the Dev team before SC/S42 is open to the public. CR and the team are gamers first and foremost, let's make this something none of us ever forget - Go Big or Go Home

2. When I said the entire player base I was dead serious, our goal is to have in excess of 100,000 pilots participating - To quote a book "Quantity is its own special quality" There are 16 Vanduul systems to our best knowledge, we will need every one to make a dent in those systems.

3 Grab the Vanduul Tech Base - to do that we will need to force landings on Vanduul Carriers, Stations and worlds. We will also need CIG supporting us by providing the content. As to why, from the Pitchfork OP you know I have a scythe, lore prevents anyone but 305 of us from owning one with insurance. So let's write our own damn lore, capture factories or whatever taking it back and start making our own ships..

4 CR said he wanted us to help write the SC story, So let's do just that - Let's exceed his expectations just like he and the team have been exceeding ours

Note this is consensus based, comments and discussion are always welcome
Pitchfork Belongs to all of us

Re: Please Read Before you Post an Idea
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if we was to sucessfully capture a Scythe factory would we be able to get every PF member a scythe and maybe run a business out of it?

Re: Please Read Before you Post an Idea
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Operation Pitchfork is not meant as - nor will it be - an endeavor for any personal or corporate interests. What we aim to accomplish is not meant to enrich or glorify any one group or individual, but for all of humanity as a whole.

< Extract from the OPF Letter sent to the UEE Senate.
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Re: Please Read Before you Post an Idea
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What Deathcall said.

Re: Please Read Before you Post an Idea
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in a perfect world if I had control of the lore and that we were militarily successful in driving the Vanduul out of Tiber. I would have the Orions buildingthe Scythes and other Vanduul ships for self defense and sale
Pitchfork Belongs to all of us