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Infiltration experiment
Inspired by some feedback in the research, data analysis and intelligence thread about reputation, doing a bit of literature research and a very brief deliberation with Sailor and Benjamin the Rogue, I am hereby announcing an experimentation project to see if it is possible to infiltrate the Vanduul by trying to exploit the reputation system directly and/or indirectly.

This project will involve:

1. A  theoretical study of the feasibility to infiltrate Vanduul society by achieving a good reputation with the Vanduul and subsequently if that would lead to the option of flying through Vanduul space unchallenged for intelligence gathering purposes. There have been somewhat conflicting reports about this, Wingman's Hangar 43 somewhat denies/discourages the option to have neutral relations with the Vanduul, while writer's guide 7 states it is in fact possible to trade with them while being very difficult. Regardless it would be interesting to find out what will actually be possible. Practical application will depend on what steps are needed to be taken (under the operation pitchfork banner we will not be attacking UEE assets nor will participants in this experiment destroy pitchfork ships without permission).

2. A study to see to what extend it is possible to infiltrate vanduul space by posing as Banu. As it is lorewise stated that they have some trade relations with each other so they might also be able to fly through (parts of) vanduul space. Now just having a Banu MM will probably not do the trick (though we certainly can try) as chances are high that player MM's are still identified as UEE. However perhaps it will be possible to either gain a Banu transponder, join up with the Banu or a Banu faction or perhaps with other ways. This might also potentially be reputation based.

3. number 2 Can perhaps also be attempted with the Xi'an.

Success is most certainly not guaranteed with any of these avenues, they may or may not be possible to accomplish gameplay wise during the beta or in the final game. But it is something that can pay off greatly if possible, so it is potentially worthwhile to try.

To this end the following research questions are currently considered:

A. To what extent can the Vanduul be infiltrated by using the reputation system?

B. What steps need to be taken to gain a positive reputation with the Vanduul and/or fly through Vanduul space unchallenged?

A. Is it possible to either disguise a ship's identification as Banu and fool the Vanduul or change its identification into Banu?

B. To what extent are the Vanduul allowing Banu ships inside their controlled space (and facilities and ships)?

C. To what extend is it perhaps needed to align with the Banu in the reputation system to make 1 and 2 possible

What is needed? People willing to explore the possibilities and answer the above research questions, to test the practical application of devised theories and ultimately attempt to infiltrate alien space.

Be advised for practical application: gaining a positive reputation with the Banu, Xi'an or Vanduul might result in a negative reputation with the UEE and subsequently attacks by UEE loyal forces. Based on current lore my estimates of that happening are:
Vanduul: High
Banu: low to medium
Xi'an: low to medium

Though this is currently not clear yet, I myself am planning an alt-account with alpha and beta access for use in this experiment just to be sure.

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Re: Infiltration experiment
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I have a Banu MM and will be willing to take part in these tests. I don't mind hugely if I get negative rep.

Re: Infiltration experiment
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I have a Banu MM and will be willing to take part in these tests. I don't mind hugely if I get negative rep.

Great! :) I have found another person interested in the main forums with a Banu MM so with potentially 2 we have that covered.

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Re: Infiltration experiment
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Well I did happen to create another account Purely for Testing ... hell the title in the account name is Test after all... but I guess I still need to get it a game package at some point..

But, one of the things I was interested in Testing out was the potential to stay Neutral to all factions through out the Verse or at least Friendly..

But so far from what I can recall, in the Economy of Freelancer you couldn't do anything with out pissing off someone. Normally... so it will be interesting to try out.
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