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Topic: Competition for the Bengals  (Read 1313 times) previous topic - next topic

  • chriskou
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Competition for the Bengals
It seems as if we might run into some competition for the capture of those precious Bengals.
Read here:
These ships will by far be our most valuable resource, and we will need as many as we can get.
These pirates shouldn't be allowed to take one, especially since we represent a group of players fighting for the good of the Empire and the People.
If these pirates get a Bengal it will not only give us less forces for our own operations but it will cause trouble for other good players throughout the universe.
:) unless of course they choose to pledge their Bengal to help in our fight.
(if we can trust them)


  • MattK101
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Re: Competition for the Bengals
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There may be only one in the PU, so we need to decide whether to step into that battle royale, or focus on escort carriers and smaller cap ships

Re: Competition for the Bengals
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The owners might even join in on Operation Pitchfork, so don't count them out. But hopefully we can get some nice stuff, too.

  • Nodrokov
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Re: Competition for the Bengals
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I think our best bet would be to send some of our members who are...more familiar with the politics of underground groups onto the carrier and try to get them to help.  A Bengal will be more trouble than it's worth if we have a rival group which treats it as their home.  Alternatively, we could try to find a broken Bengal and restore it to working condition.  I heard mentions of that on the main forums.

Re: Competition for the Bengals
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While a lot will depend upon the mechanics of the large capitol ships and the PU, there is a more practical matter at hand.

Every ship we lose attempting to secure a bengal carrier will be a loss we cannot field into Vanduul space. Every ship we lose guarding it while it makes it to the front lines (it could be on the other side of the known universe) will be a loss we cannot field into Vanduul space. Given that they will be fiercely contested, unless it brings immense utility and power to the front it should be skipped over.

  • Benjamin the Rogue
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Re: Competition for the Bengals
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It's the official stance of OPPF that we don't interfere with other organizations, as that is not the purpose of Operation Pitchfork. As long as they don't park it in front of us and actively try to stop the launch or conduct of the operation, it's their own business what they do with it.

That being said, if our more lawless inclined members of Pitchfork found their way over there to see if there was a way to work out aid from them for OPPF should they acquire one, that would be more than acceptable. Just remember, we don't threaten or coerce. We're a group of volunteers who are all headed in the same direction, if not always with the same end goal.