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Re: Know your enemy ship types
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Anyone else noticed that the Destroyer Type is the only major ship that doesn't seem to have a vertebral spine on top? Wonder if this means anything or if it's just art.

Also, when thinking vanduul fleet composition, I always have in mind the Wraiths from Stargate Atlantis, a similarly "split race". It's unlikely that every clan has a kingship (even Earth is only protected by a handful of Bengal Carriers).

Another thing to keep in mind is that it's very likely Vanduul covet the frontier systems because that's where most of the loot (from pillaging at least) comes from. It's also likely that the constant conflict with the humans along these same systems makes it sort of a "place of honor" to have, and that the elite of their race is situated here (as they are the ones that see the most combat).

If we were to work under these assumptions, you could argue that the "brunt" of the Vanduul forces (or at least the strongest clans) might very well be at or nearby our area of operations. This means that the initial fight will be harder, but once that their lines are broken, it should be easier to penetrate into Vanduul Territory.
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Re: Know your enemy ship types
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Or, if we can infiltrate past the line, maybe some of us could wreak havoc in their rear-areas. Example is the concept behind the paradrops on D-Day.

On the other hand, we also have to account for another possibility. At Gettysburg, Lee assumed because he had met heavy resistance at McClellan's flanks that that strength came at the expense of the middle of the line, thus sending Pickett charging up Little Round Top... straight into the meatgrinder of Sickles's Brigade in the Devil's Den and Chamberlain's bayonet counter-charge down the hill.

This MAY be an opportunity... or another meatgrinder. Considerable ISR (Intel, Surveillance & Recon) activity would be suggested for a better picture of the situation before proceeding. Such Snoop-n-Scoot might be another prime role for our friends with captured Scythes...
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