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Re: Intelligence, Research and Data Analysis Center
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I'm in KBIL. I'm going to be rolling an Aquila for explorative/reconnoitering purposes (The Skylab 3000). I'm sure I will be one of many primary sources of intel for you. If I happen to nab a live one, I'll be sure to FedEx it to you for dissection.
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Re: Intelligence, Research and Data Analysis Center
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Awesome, thanks! I should probably stop in the KBIL chat more often. I have only been in there a few times since we connected with KBIL. Actually I host 2.4 game days with Cognition Corp every Firday/Saturday, along with joining in with OPPF those days. You all are welcome to join in with us if you like to have some fun and practice a bit. Here is my profile for you and anyone else interested.

Anyway, yeah live specimens would be great as well as some more in tact tech. Vanduul tend to blow their things up to avoid capture and so that we can't salvage much from them. Suckerpunches may end up an invaluable weapon in this case.

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Re: Intelligence, Research and Data Analysis Center
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Sorry for being awol for the last 12 months... between YouTube/Life/School, just haven't had much time to dedicate to SC.  Planning to correct that in the next month or so :D

Marcus, if there is still interest (or someone else hasn't already run with the idea) I'm planning to work on a complete revamp of the AAR form we were discussing back in late 2014/ early 2015 (first few pages of this thread) but need to get myself back up to speed on the newer in-game mechanics since 2.5 (and now 2.6 if that drops by end of year).

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Re: Intelligence, Research and Data Analysis Center
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I think there's still totally interest in a compiled datasheet that helps inform everyone about our enemy based on what we know, go for it lol

Re: Intelligence, Research and Data Analysis Center
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Just in case anyone missed it, Vanguard provides a short path to the Sol system for Capital ships. If the Vanduul go after Sol, this will be the path they take.