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Re: Alternate Invasion plan.
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You can want our operation to be longer, but any strategies you come up with that rely on this will be irrelevant because it's not gonna happen. Most of us have jobs and are not incredibly wealthy. I can't take a month off of work for this, but I am going to try to take 2 days off. And frankly, I'd get bored doing this for a month or longer. That also goes against the principal of the operation as a "fun celebration" of the pre-release time of SC. Not to mention that engaging the Vanduul in a protracted war plays strongly into their favor with the way their production works.

There is a difference between an enemy advantage and a strategy-breaking oversight. With an "average strategy," the Vanduul knowing more jump routes than us gives them an advantage. With a strategy whereby our goal is to cover all jump points, the Vanduul knowing more jump routes than us completely breaks the strategy to pieces. In other words, don't build the foundations of a strategy on areas where it is known we have an incredible disadvantage. An optimal strategy diminishes the value of an enemy's advantages and emphasizes your strengths.

And again, the impression I've gotten from the game is that it will be somewhat "realistic." You can't simply "lay down defenses" after you've been somewhere a few hours. Orion might have had defenses once upon a time, but they were clearly inadequate, have probably already been destroyed and/or salvaged, would probably be considered outdated technology by this time, and would be divided by instances.
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Re: Alternate Invasion plan.
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Again, this is why they must be captured, because as far as I am aware, they were there before the Vanduul attacked, and if they weren't there anymore, territorial clans probably set up more, because they are territorial. Regarding your comment about the operations length, I know this, but it hardly needs to be a month to be more effective. Also, with the realism of the game, they probably balance it for the sake of fun, they aren't going to take a month to assemble a fighter craft because that is just a killjoy, I wouldn't rely on it being a walking simulator 2015.

And what I have been saying all along is that we shouldn't be trying to cover multiple jump points, but instead focus on one point, I.E. a planet. As much as your correct about what an optimal strategy is, I don't really see one present with our time constraint. So if you put it that way, the whole operation is futile and will get us no were anyway, and I would rather try to get something out of this.