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Topic: Advance Infiltration- Of Paratroopers and Sleeper Cells (Read 1106 times) previous topic - next topic

Advance Infiltration- Of Paratroopers and Sleeper Cells
Hello everybody, EvilTwinn here. As we know Operation Pitchfork will be a major battle. Vast amounts of men and materiel will be thrown into the conflict by both sides. But mostly the Vanduul. Their forces could number upwards of ten thousand strong. Simply put, we would almost certainly not be able to stand up to it. The military advises a 2:1 ratio when attacking. We're likely outnumbered 1:10. Now how do we mitigate their numbers? For that, we shall look at history.

For an offensive like ours, we can look at several cases: Operation Husky, Operation Overlord, Operation Market Garden, Operation Varsity, and a more recent one, Operation Just Cause. These range from near perfect for Varsity to massive failure for Market Garden. The binding connection between these operations is a use of airborne troops inserted behind enemy lines, in order to secure routes of advance for friendly forces and to deny them to the enemy. And for that, all but one of them was successful. These troops were able to hold out long enough to be relieved by friendlies coming in from the main offensive. So what I propose is this: we recreate these operations in order to reduce the amount of troops our main forces have to engage at any given time.

Of course, this is a space game, and there are no paratroopers, so that throws this plan out the window, right? Wrong. As we know, a ship with a bed is able to log out and not have to be back at the hangar. Groups of such ships could infiltrate Vanduul space before the main assault. Avoiding enemy ships, they could find a concealed location. At this point, the player logs out. These Sleepers can now be kept in position safely while waiting for the main assault. Once the attack begins( or slightly before or after), these ships would be logged in to, allowing the pilots to head for the jump points to hold it from the inevitable Vanduul reinforcements. This would be a suicide mission even compared to the regular Pitchfork. I highly doubt any would survive, but there is a chance they might. What they will do for sure is keep the number of Vanduul the big push fights down to a more manageable number, for a time. This could give it the edge it needs to take and hold our objectives.

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Re: Advance Infiltration- Of Paratroopers and Sleeper Cells
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This is definitely an interesting concept. I think we should get a team together who is willing to undergo a mission testing these tactics out. You'll need enough volunteers to fill out an assault group as well as a separate "paratrooper" group, and an enemy in a location where they are neither too powerful or too weak to stage an attack.

It's something that'd have to be tried out in the Verse, not in the DFM. So there is some risk to it.

Re: Advance Infiltration- Of Paratroopers and Sleeper Cells
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Agreed, this could fair well with a larger ship, a carrier with freelancers could mean 4 men squads to one ship.

it would mean a pilot would have to be active to make sure they are not detected, and we could hold up a jump point in vanduul space, meaning the vanduul fleet would go somewhere random in space