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Scouting reports
How are we going to send scouting reports? In-game? Here?

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Re: Scouting reports
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Hm, assuming we can join multiple orgs by the time Pitchfork goes life, it should be easy for everyone to join in and have the scouting reports on the org-forums.
Should also ease IFF quite a bit.

If this does _not_ work, the forum here would be my second guess/suggestion

Hm, thinking about it, doing both canĀ“t hurt either.
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Re: Scouting reports
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During the operation, I'd guess that scouting should be reported up the chain to command on voice coms (the person doing the scouting wouldn't necessarily have to be on coms, but he'd report it to someone on coms with command). Prior to the operation, we can do it in the org forum or here, yeah.

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Re: Scouting reports
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We've got a Recon/Scout thread up and running, as well as a chain of reporting thread somewhere. Definitely something that's a priority, once we figure out how it works in the Verse.

Re: Scouting reports
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I have been thinking about an post-operation report system in connection with the data center initiative because to do proper analysis on a large scale (without it becoming a full time job) there has to be some sort of standard way of reporting/raw data input from scout and recon missions. And preferably it should be usable by both our dedicated scout team, as well as other organisations and lone wolfs that want to contribute... And it must be simple to use, concise and accurate  :)

So I am currently considering some sort of online form (like online surveys). That is easy to fill in. I did not yet make such a form but if I were to make it now, I would currently make a concept that can be used to fill in for example the data below (WORK IN PROGRESS -> Feel free to shoot and criticize :-) ):

[Name/Handle] (could also be made annonymous, but I would like to be able to contact people if needed for potential further information)

[Timezone] (will be needed to account for missions worldwide)

[Date of recon mission]

[Basic flight plan]

[Vessel(s) used]

And then the observations of ship encounters, I am currently thinking of something like this for each encounter:

[Time of encounter]
[location in system
(this is yet unknown and needs to be figured out: how we can determine our position in a system?)]
[ship class]
[ship ID]
[Action: Engaged in combat/scanned/etc]
[Status: Destroyed/disabled/last seen near ... etc]

(And then to be repeated)

[Further remarks]

I will show this with a very simple example (that I rather quickly put together just now) of how I imagined a scout mission could go:

So if that mission would have taken place I then would have filed a report with the following information:

[Name/Handle]: MPaalman

[Timezone] GMT +1

[Date of recon mission] 12 Februari 2014

[Basic flight plan] Vega -> Virgil -> Tiber (Tiber 2) -> Garron

[Vessel(s) used] 2x F7C-M

1.   [Time: 14:00][System: Virgil][System location: C6][Class: Vanduul Scythe patrol (2x)][ID: Blade 1&2][Action: Engaged in combat][Status: destroyed]

2.   [Time: 14:28][System: Tiber][System location: C4][Class: Vanduul Warship][ID: Wrath of Orion][Action: Close scan][Status: Last seen in combat against UEES Paul Steed]

3.   [Time: 14:28][System: Virgil][System location: C4][Class: Bengal Carrier][ID: U.E.E.S. Paul Steed][Action: Evaded][Status: Last seen in combat against Wrath of Orion]

[Further remarks]
The Scythes seemed to be on a standard patrol, when encountered they were headed for the vega jumppoint

The battle between the Vanduul Warship and Bengal Carrier seemed to go in favor for the Bengal Carrier (Note scanned hull strength etc)

To me this seems like the basic needed information that would be needed, but what do you think?

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Re: Scouting reports
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Great work on that. I like it. I put it up on the Facebook page to get some more exposure to it. We have a research division setting up now as well, I've linked their thread in the Orientation packet, or you can find them on the Command Board. They're a good group to drop reports off with as well.

Re: Scouting reports
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Hussars made an interesting suggestion of data that could be included: "Faction/Standing with UEE/Pirate/Vanduul"

It would be interesting to see if reputation with factions is of influence in the number of encounters. Not to speak of possible infiltration missions if we are able to get a couple of pilots with high positive vanduul reputation

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Re: Scouting reports
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I like this, it looks good. We still have the issue of finding people to collate this information and turn it into something usable though.

Re: Scouting reports
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I like this, it looks good. We still have the issue of finding people to collate this information and turn it into something usable though.

Well at the moment there is just me  ;) but anyone interested can join up for the Pitchfork Intelligence, Research and Data Analysis Center

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Re: Scouting reports
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It looks good to me as well.

I can try to help some with the date reporting and such, though I do not know how much time I will have to devote to it.


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Re: Scouting reports
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Give me a couple of days (real life keep catching up o.O) I'll knock a form together for you based on the content you've got here.

I'm hoping that the game will operate like other MMO style games with a combat log we can build a parser for to pull flight data from... In fact think this might be a good basis for a few Ten4C questions lol.
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Re: Scouting reports
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Hey yeah I was just thinking about who would be collating the recon info for intel purposes.
I agree we need a dedicated intel division, also another idea might be to capture high ranking
vanduul officers & squeeze them for intel or bacon juice whichever comes first, lol!
Like CR said all NPC's should & would be unable to discern them from Player characters.
with that said we should be able to get some intel from them & any info is better than no info.
Also will we have the ability to take photos of recon areas ? This would be invaluable in planning
any ground based assaults . Let me know if I can be of any service in this regard.