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Topic: Are we gonna have cool names for our designated squadrons? Submit em! (Read 3991 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: Are we gonna have cool names for our designated squadrons? Submit em!
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I'm thinking Wraith Squadron for Spectre gaming.
or, more fitting....Spectre squadron.
An agent of the Citadel office of Special Tactics and Reconnaissance. Although based on the Salarian Special Tactics Group, Spectres are expected to rely on their own resources, rather than being constantly funded by a governing body. However, they usually operate outside the bounds of galactic law.

Rather than being trained, the Citadel Council selects notable soldiers who have proven themselves capable of the strenuous responsibilities of upholding galactic law. Some agents are sympathetic peacekeepers who resolve issues with minimal bloodshed, while others are cold-blooded killers who eliminate problem individuals.

A once living person, who is made undead without passing through death. A wraith is the only form of undead not made so through animation (the process of giving lifelike qualities to the recently dead).
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שם טוב ולא להיבחר מאשר עושר גדול, ואוהב לטובת ולא כסף וזהב. kJV Proverbs 22:1