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Things to be doing and other points
Status of ship tally system: In schema design. Been busy, hope to get it done over the weekend.

Making a shortlist.

"Hello Xeriar. You suck at design."
"Why thank you. Please feel free to take the following .css files:
and show off your talent."

2) Images in general. SMF's default theme isn't the best. I'm up for anything being replaced - smileys, avatar packs (avatars are 76x76 as per the RSI forums).

3) The wiki could use love, though some probably simply reflects my general distaste for Wikia. Similarly, feel free to submit a better theme.

4) Front page suggestions welcome, too.

5) Donations. It would be kind of silly at this point. If things reach a level where the site is taking up a lot of resources, I'll put something up accordingly. If you want to insist, I won't turn it down, - just PM me.

6) Channels for the shoutbox can be added to or arranged per community request. I made a rather lazy implementation so spaces in names won't work, and outside of the Lobby are based on forum names and access. The former is easier to address than the latter.

7) Ship tally system and scheduler will be worked on over the weekend. Hope to get something up that people will consider a viable resource well into the game proper.
- Silhouette graphics of all purchasable ship and variant types would be nice.
- If people are up for it, we can also work to get New Backers LTI. Not going to do anything automated, though. Just pick out trusted members to handle the transactions.

8) I can add additional BBCode items nearly on request. Some SMF mods can be added also, though would probably want more community input for many of them.

9) Anything else that hasn't been discussed is open for discussion.
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