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Orientation Packet
This is the Orientation Packet for all new arrivals. Within you will find a briefing about Operation Pitchfork's goals from sailor67 himself, the Mob Code of Conduct, the guidelines for the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), directions to reporting to the Operation Asset Roster, the Facebook Group's address for those interested, the Discord Channel as our primary VOIP resource and finally for some light recreational reading; the Pitchfork Manifesto.

If you haven't already, join the Operation Pitchfork Organization today!

Operation Pitchfork's Goals.

Official Plan of Action (subject to change).

Code of Conduct. PLEASE READ.

Asset Roster. Please update this with the assets you are planning on taking into OPPF. Please keep this current as you add new ships or melt old ships down. Use your RSI account name for accountability and communication.

Since Organizations are now active, we have the Operation Pitchfork Org Discussion going on about how best to structure the OPPF Organization for this unique event.

If you are a member of your organizations management, or a Lone Wolf, please familiarize yourself with the Operation Pitchfork Organization Structure Plan. It will help greatly for when Organizations 2.0 drops and we begin consolidating the organizations that have pledged support for OPPF. Register your organization's information here on the Operation Pitchfork Organization Roster

Facebook Page for those who would like to join.

Discord channel for our VOIP and text chat needs.

The Pitchfork Manifesto is the current in-game lore for OPPF.

We've got a merchandise store set up for all your Pitchfork memorabilia needs. The store can be found here: Pitchfork Merchandise Store
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Re: Orientation Packet
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If you're looking for an organization, or are a representative of one, go to the Join Operations Board.

For everyone else who are not actively looking for an organization to join, but would like to team up with other freelance personnel check out the Lone Wolves and Independents Board.

We have a policy for Blue-on-Blue attacks, also known as Friendly-Fire, that we would like everyone to take some time to look over here: Blue-on-Blue Response Policy

An outlined plan has been drawn up for independent individuals wishing to team up with each other to use should they want to. This is not a requirement, just a resource for people to utilize: Strategic Concept: Squadrons

The official CIG Starmap is now available to us: ARK Starmap
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Re: Orientation Packet
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For independent operators, whether it's because you're not part of an organization, or because your organization itself is not taking part in OPPF, we have some threads built for finding a specific role for you in the fight, should you choose to sign on to one. More roles will come online as they're developed. If you don't see one that you're interested in performing, feel free to create a thread for it in the Command Room. Use the Recon/Scout thread as an example of how to set one up.

Logistics and Supplies Thread

Recon/Scout Thread

Search and Rescue Thread

Boarding Operations Thread

Special Forces Thread

Intelligence, Research and Data Analysis
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