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Re: Operation Pitchfork: Asset Roster
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roster updated!

Re: Operation Pitchfork: Asset Roster
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Sibylla added on organizations.

Etrendil - Sibylla diplomat,

Re: Operation Pitchfork: Asset Roster
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Hello :)

A player found ... Interesting to clear the participating organizations in the google doc "Operation Pitchfork".... ><

Would it be possible to restore it please ?

Thank you.

Fixed Thanks !!

Etrendil - Sibyllian Diplomat // French Sibyllian Coordinator OPPF,
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Re: Operation Pitchfork: Asset Roster
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     Obviously, we don't have the forces to go toe to toe with the Vanduul fleet, but I'm thinking we should pull a Tet offensive against them. We feign an attack on a single system that looks like a good target, maybe because they're already harvesting it and we go in hard and fast attacking their harvester carriers. Once their fleet jumps in to retaliate, we destroy all their comms ships in all other systems and do the same thing to pre-selected soft targets in every one of those systems.
     If they bring in their capital ships in-atmosphere to retaliate, we can have our own cap ships and bombers waiting to catch them where they are less able to fight. Our EMPs may really shine here.
     Without comms, they shouldn't have a clue what is going on.
     If we do manage to catch them in atmosphere, and we are able to destroy them, THEN we can bring in drop ships and gun ships to cause maximum damage on the surface.
     If we get overrun in a system, we can simply flee and go cause havoc elsewhere.