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Game Theory
     Game theory suggests the infinite player will win in the long run, so I propose we pirate Vanduul cargo ships and/or harvester carriers to make it as expensive as possible for them to operate in the systems we want to take back. The highest benefit to cost ratio would probably involve attacking their shipping only and avoiding combat with their military.

     We could extend this to cover all known Vanduul systems, but maybe we don't want to wipe them out completely, but only protect what is ours? If we attack their homeworld, I imagine that will prompt a full invasion by them, and we probably don't want that.

     On a side note, we do know of only one route they could take to Sol due to their reliance on capital ships, and that is via Vanguard through Elysium. It might behoove us to be ready with mine layers on our side of the jump point in Elysium in case they DO decide to try that.