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Hello all,
I'm a new member from Australia, and also a member of Southern Cross Alliance.
I'm a Concierge member and I've been a backer since 2016.
Currently, my fleet consists of:
- 325a (with a CCU to Hawk waiting)
- Cutlass and Dragonfly Yellowjacket combo
- Sabre (CCU to Super Hornet waiting, we'll see how the new flight
  model treats M+KB players who like fixed guns)
- Cyclone (CCU to Cyclone TR ready to go)
- Mercury (loaners are Freelancer and Herald)
- Vanguard Warden (had the Redeemer, which I still have the buyback token for, but the loaner was a Hoplite and I figured I'd prefer
  the Warden for now)

In the past I've also owned a Caterpillar, which while I do miss, it had to go due to not having any ramps.
I also had a Buccaneer, which was upgraded to the Sabre.
So you can see that I'm a reformed Drake fanboy.
Currently my favorite ship is the Warden, for it's staying power and utility, and I'm glad to see it getting some attention on the latest RtV.

As far as OPPF is concerned, I hope another Vanguard will be valuable to you.
I hope be able to take it through the jump point into Vanduul occupied space in one of the first waves.
Tip of the Spear! Or Pitchfork, I guess. One of the tips of the Pitchfork... You get the idea.