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Hello, forkers!

Found this brilliant idea on the forums when i saw the new logo.
I like the idea, will most surely crash the servers before even seeing any Vanduul but allas the small change, we do make it this should be fun.
Before editing any sheet I would rather introduce myself here and get added by someone who is more in tune with this document.
That and i do not like random people messing with my sheets either so there is that.

Name: HisEvilness,  RSI Link:

Role: Command/Recon/Boarding/JSTAR(Intel)/AWACS(Command & Control)

Other Recourse: Guild Leader, Code Black.


Guild: Unit 666

Ships: Carrack/Super Hornet/Hawk/Cutlass Black

Cheerios Gents and Lady's

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Re: Introduction.
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Greetings and welcome to OPPF! The asset roster is pretty easy to work with but we can add you to it if you prefer. With this orientation packet you can find all the info you need on the operation as well as the asset roster should you ever wish to make any changes to your information, but for now I will go ahead and add you in.

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Re: Introduction.
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Hello and thanks for adding me!
I will go over the materials and study is familiarizing myself with the operation.