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Topic: Elite Warriors Intergalactic [SEMI-EXCLUSIVE][UEE-NEUTRAL][EVENT ONLY] (Read 815 times) previous topic - next topic

Elite Warriors Intergalactic [SEMI-EXCLUSIVE][UEE-NEUTRAL][EVENT ONLY]
o7 Citizen!

This is Elite Warriors Intergalactic.

We started out as a simple Server hosting company in the early 2012 but have since been through hash and better times. these days we are a para military org focused on all aspects that can make us profit.
Whilst usually being UEE Neutral if the pay is right we will do unlawful stuffwith a backup to clear the action up on a later date. Business is Business and Business needs to be blooming!

Why would we want to participate in OPPF? Well as a Paramilitary Org we want to get the proper rep with the UEE to gain contracts to buy Military grade ships like Javelins and Idrises, to do so we have
decided that we will setup shop in systems that are the frontline versus the Vanduul and show our strength to the Vanduul for Revenge, and profit. seeing as it will be a almost daily task to engage into skirmishes against
the Vanduul we might as wel participate in giant battles against them to mark our Fame in battle!

What we will deliver to OPPF is a dedicated fighter crew (Will have to see what gear we can bring) that will roll on wards in the frontline against our enemy!

Org info:
We are a UK based Organization using the GMT timeline.

Whilst we prefer our members to play together and be friends we have never shunned public players and regulars so we do welcome other orgs and lone wolfs to join us in every game we play together! (~50%).

Are you looking to join a open and relaxed community? Well you're lucky! We are Recruiting!
What do we expect as commitment? Not much, RL goes first for us at all times as we all have family and jobs/school. We do expect you to pop into our teamspeak or discord from time to time and spent some lovely quality game time with us ;)


Elite Warriors Intergalactic Organization
Elite Warriors Website
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