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Reporting in!
o7 Citizen!

My I introduce myself, My Name is KBBW
I'm one of the main officers of the Elite Warriors Community.
Originally a ArmA focused community we have now started moving to other games and as a full on Star Wars fan Star Citizen was the place for me to visit :)

I own a Cutlass Black (Still wishing Sir Chris will let me have a Retribution aswel willing to sell one of my fingers for that :P) and use it as Dropship/Fighter/Cargo hauler... you name it but don't participate in pirate acts

My org is Elite Warriors Intergalactic (Other members of my community won't get the game untill atleast Beta :'( )

And find us on our website

If you want to play with me your welcome to (usually play abit in the evening or the weekend) my handle = KBBW

See you in the Verse!
KBBW - Kai
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All of the sudden I'm feeling this weight again. If I threw it away it might be easier, but somehow I don't feel like it. It would be too boring to keep walking without them.

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Re: Reporting in!
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Greetings KBBW, and welcome to the fight! Sounds like you will bring quite a skilled crew to the battle. Here is your orientation packet to get you started where you can read up on the OP and add your assets to the roster.