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Operation Pitchfork - Proposed Charter
This is a proposal for Operation Pitchfork's Charter. Essentially a brief overview of what should and should not be expected of Pitchfork and its members.

While this has been gone over by sailor67, myself, and some others, this is everyone's project, so this thread is opened for general commentary and criticism before we make it 'official' - at least as far as that sort of concept goes with us.

Thank you all for your time. : )


Operation Pitchfork is a coalition of hundreds of organizations and thousands of players, united against the vanduul threat.

As an organization, OPPF exists to facilitate cooperation between participating organizations and individual participants, culminating in a massive assault on vanduul territory during the last weekend of the beta.


No mushroom management. (kept in the dark and fed excrement)

We know what we are doing and why.

Pitchfork is 'neutral'.

While operating under Operation Pitchfork's banner, obey the law.

While operating under Operation Pitchfork's banner, do not enforce the law.

"While operating under Pitchfork's banner" means actively representing oneself as a member of Pitchfork. Either as a main member, conducting operations alongside Pitchfork, or doing things in the name of Operation Pitchfork.

'The Law' is the operating law of any system whose faction is not hostile to humanity, in said system. This includes most if not all Neutral and 'Pirate' systems regardless of who may be running them, UEE systems, Xi'an systems, and likely most Banu systems.

What you do on your own is none of our business, nor the business of this charter. What you do with your friends outside of Pitchfork is none of our business, nor this charter's business.


We would prefer that you set Operation Pitchfork as an affiliate rather than your main organization.

Pitchfork's organization is one of convenience, not allegiance. For the vast majority of purposes, there are better organizations.

We provide forums for aligned orgs that may be better suited to active participation (still a work in progress), and participant boards for orgs that are participating, where they are free to recruit.

We also provide a lone wolves board, for those who merely want to find friends to fly with.

For those who insist, we of course appreciate everyone who wishes to help prepare for and coordinate this event.

Strive for civility. Your anger is a weapon for your enemies, your hatred the poison you take in the hope that they will suffer for it.

In player-versus-player, be courteous in victory and gracious in defeat.

A hungry troll is a sad sight, but feeding one is worse. If you have difficulty forming an amicable response, reply to someone else to keep the discussion away from where the troll wants it. If it gets serious, flag quietly.

Execute Commander's Intent. If something needs doing, do first, work out the kinks with the rest of us later.

Accordingly, you are expected to keep the spirit of this charter in mind when doing so.

Rules of Engagement:

These will likely evolve as the game develops.

BPU Rules of Engagement (Flight - General) Someone operating under the banner of Operation Pitchfork should not shoot first unless:

The player is known to be hostile to Pitchfork, and approaches without offering truce.

The player is a known public danger (currently 'level 5 criminal'), and approaches without offering truce.

The player griefs ships or players under Pitchfork's protection.

BPU Rules of Engagement (Flight - Wargames) During Joint Operations Pitchfork members sometimes create their own scenarios, usually centered around Kareah. Striking first is expanded to include:

The player is griefing ships or players at Kareah.

There is an organized force holding Kareah in a hostile manner.

It is a scheduled wargame against a willing group, where gloves are by definition off.

BPU Rules of Engagement (FPS)

It is noted that first person is a lot more lethal than ship combat, currently. If there needs to be a meaningful difference from the above rules, these will be explored as the game and Pitchfork develops.

Vanduul taste like bacon.


sailor67 - Founder, master of the threadnought.

RSI Dossier (email?)

Ariphaos - Programmer, server admin, Webmaster, delinquent subreddit moderator.

RSI Dossier [email][/email]

Benjamin_the_Rogue - Pitchfork Pathfinder, Joint Ops Coordinator, Facebook Manager

RSI Dossier (email?)

arbitrarysketch - Asset Roster, Merchandising

RSI Dossier (email?)

Lyt Speed Org Administrator, Division Management

RSI Dossier (email?)

Bah Diplomacy

RSI Dossier (email?)

GreyDemon Diplomacy

RSI Dossier (email?)

Re: Operation Pitchfork - Proposed Charter
Reply #1
Looks good. A few people have said something I kind of liked in the past about our preference to be an affiliate rather than a main. They called OPPF a Networking Org and I think it fits and describes our intents pretty well in a way.  We interact, share information, and provide a means to create alliances, while still respecting each individual organization and member as an independent entity. I'm not sure how common this term has been thrown around on the forums, but it might be beneficial to seed the thought that a networking organization is different than the guild type organizations.

Re: Operation Pitchfork - Proposed Charter
Reply #2
Looks good
Pitchfork Belongs to all of us

Re: Operation Pitchfork - Proposed Charter
Reply #3
My only comment on the charter is that by the end of the month we can expect the drop of the updated RSI forums for Orgs - Spectrum. Might want to wait till that happens as it has features that may negate say the use of boards here or perhaps chat channels etc. Certainly it can change how we go about doing stuff IF it is DISCORD on steroids as it appears to be from the info we've had so far.

Re: Operation Pitchfork - Proposed Charter
Reply #4
I like it. The ROE mirrors what we have been practicing. FPS ROE is a bit vague imo. We have always regarded inside kareah or grim hex as free for all and hostile at all times unless assisting players. However you decide, I would suggest clarifying the FPS ROE.