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UEE Designations
I was attempting to compile an archive of official UEE designations for small craft. There seems to be a general pattern: First letter designates role (e.x. F for fighter) number designates model and generally increases with the generation, second letter designates manufacturer (A for Anvil, G for Aegis, etc). There may be a third number. This is presumed to be a mark or variant number. If you find more of this info please respond as Id like to make the list as complete as possible. Apparently the system applies to sub capitals as well since the Gemini and Hull series also have similar designations.

Gladiator: T8A
Hornet: F7A
Lightning: F8A
Terrapin: U4A-3
Starfarer: Gemini G2M
Quasar Hull D: R4M
Proteus Hull E: R5M
Vanguard: A3G
Retaliator: B4G

Gladius: F6G
Harbinger: T3G
Sentinel: E3G
Hoplite: U3G


Re: UEE Designations
Reply #1
Ben once said that the UEE Navy system is similar to the old US Navy system (as such:
United Space Confederation Envoy to Operation Pitchfork
Envoy, USC
XO, USC Defense Force Training Command
Member, USC Interstellar Commerce
Member, USC Expeditionary Corps
Member, USC Department of Aerospace Engineering

Aurora LX (Traveller's Tales)
Anvil F7C-M (Ares' Gauntlet)
Anvil Carrack (Grey-Eyed Goddess)
Aegis Vanguard (Hero for Hire)
Anvil Crucible (Rustoff)