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Topic: [SEMI-EXCLUSIVE][PRO-UEE][ALIGNED] Carrier Strike Group 3 (Read 1418 times) previous topic - next topic

I am RDML Renz "Wodan" Ward of Carrier Strike Group 3. 
I am pleased to announce our interest in Operration: Pitchfork.
1) Our site:
    RSI page:
2) We can generally be reached at our site.  We also have a teamspeak server.

3) We have members around the world but English is the language of our organization.

4) As a pro-UEE militia, we are dedicated to keeping the starlanes safe.  We tolerate no illegal activity, but we are not a law enforcement entity.  Civilians caught engaging in criminal acts are reported the local authorities.

5) We are recruiting.   There are not currently any specified requirements for activity, but we are looking for people excited about Star Citizen and defending the UEE.

6) There is no policy at this time regarding joint operation with independent contractors.  We welcome citizens forming militias to defend themselves from the Vanduul. 

7) Our mission objectives are to provide support to militia forces, provide a core Naval detachment of capital vessels, and to keep good order and discipline among the volunteers. Following completion of Operation: Pitchfork we will launch a campaign to retake the Virgil system from Vanduul forces.

8 ) Our focus in on providing combat and reconnaissance squadrons with the means to keep the supplied and coordinated with our own logistics and command assets. Heavy and capital elements are available to commit to battle once the opposing forces has been reconnoitered.
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