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Topic: Anyone know what happened here? (Read 5747 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: Anyone know what happened here?
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As a Pirate and Smuggler I've been taking the "sleeper agent" approach which is represent my small organization "Merchants of Menace" and be affiliated with OPPF visually on my profile and in game even though I'm very active on the forums here and aspire for an important role come V-Day. Should I ever get a matching day off with the Joint Ops then I'll rep OPPF as would be expected of any of us. This keeps everything nice and tidy while still being a member of OPPF.

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Re: Anyone know what happened here?
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any update on this?

Re: Anyone know what happened here?
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Somehow missed this.

We do have a draft Charter for community review, let me postpost.