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Decide on a new Wing or Squadron!
Many Lone Wolves are offering crewed ships, but are not directly organizing.

I would like to start a Lone Wolf Squadron of one of the flavours above. Vote on the one you would like to join.
Should more than 12 people express interest in one type, then I will organize the most popular choice into a squadron.
The poll will run for 40 days. Vote now!

Whatever Squadron is decided will be a casual group, aiming to kickstart communication and teamwork before Beta release. This could be your place to find a wingmate or bud in the Verse. While it's a long way to go, there is no penalty to leaving and no cost to joining.

Upon success, those interested and myself will form the Red (squad type here) Squadron, with its first task of establishing temporary wingmates.


Fighter squadrons will comprise of 12 to 26 fighters (Anything from M50, Auroras to Hornets) grouped into teams of 3 with like-craft.

Boarding squadrons will comprise of at least 3 boarding craft (Retaliators,  Redemers,  Cutlass,  etc), and up to 8 escort craft.

Feild Engineer Squadrons will comprise of at least 2 Large craft capable of repair, or hosting repair modules. Up to 8 escort craft to be included.

Long-Range Bomber Squadrons will comprise of at least 3 torpedo-equipable craft with jump capabilities (Currently the Retaliator) and up to  8 escort craft.

Any feedback is welcome. Feel free to pitch your ideas as well, such as squad names, organization ideas and what sort of roles you'really interested in.
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Re: Decide on a new Wing or Squadron!
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There are several reasons why this is a bad idea. Lone Wolves use whatever they want and as they are a mixed bag seperating that mixed bag into smaller groups when there are larger groups they could easily follow doesn't make sense. It's like making a subsection for a subsection. It's simply unecessary and takes up more resources and time. Secondly since they're Lone Wolves it is likely that they will not want to group up and follow orders and would like to act independently among the fleet like a skirmisher.

Re: Decide on a new Wing or Squadron!
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Thanks for the feedback!

Success should be found in pairing like craft with eachother. The aim being that you have a bud you can count on, and roughly know what their craft is capable of.

While the sub-sub-section is a valid point, some Lone Wolves seem to not be joining those branches. I offer an in-between in terms of size and organizational hierarchy. I hope that is enough to attract some individuals.

I disagree that it is too time consuming for the benefits generated. Teaming up provides a force multiplier, as in deliberate group communication and action provides more benefit than well-informed individuals alone. The only downside is that this communication and group action has to be practiced occasionally for it to work.

I don't believe we will be effective if we are not tapped into the rest of the OP Pitchfork logistics and command structure. This should facilitate that tapping.

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Re: Decide on a new Wing or Squadron!
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Everyone is part of the OPPF Command Structure and Logistical lines. Orgs for example intend to group up and have only sent us representatives,but will take cues from the command structure. The same can be said for independents. If someone wants to land on a cap ship to rearm it will simply happen,we're not a library that will ask for your membership card if your in the middle of Vanduul territory amongst thousands of ships.

With your version of Lone Wolf grouping if people want it they will speak here. I still find it unecessary,but if they agree with you then go for it.

Re: Decide on a new Wing or Squadron!
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For myself, my main org is not currently involved with OP Pitchfork, and the main Katamari threads offer ideas but no execution currently. So hopefully this would be a sort of org within OPPF.

Thanks for the input, see you around in the forums.

Re: Decide on a new Wing or Squadron!
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As of the 12th I have received no new votes since the New Year. It is fairly clear to me that no Lone Wolves who log into this forum wish to organize in this fashion. The poll is closed.