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Pitchforker Issue 1
Citizens, pirates, merchants and mercenary forkers alike. Welcome to this first operation pitchfork newsletter on the 5th of October, the second anniversary of Operation Pitchfork! In this brief we aim to deliver monthly pitchfork relevant news to the citizens who join and support this great endeavour to drive the Vanduul back from our space.

While the operation itself will not commence any time soon with the persistent universe still being far from release. It is possible to do some preparation in the form of dogfight practice and start laying the foundation for the operation. So we felt that it was important to facilitate a way for people to get informed and involved.

And the first issue we ask your involvement with is the contents of this very newsletter! What would you like featured in future newsletters? Are you perhaps interested in contributing? Is having a newsletter a good idea at all? All these questions and more we present to you in this survey

1. The original forum post by Sailor67
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As the first article of this newsletter it seems fitting to feature the original forum post, that inspired this future endeavor, made by Sailor67 now 2 years ago on this day month in october 2013. Today the thread has over 28000 comments in over 950 pages. And will no doubt grow larger and larger in the coming months and years as we gear up in preparation to the event.


TL;DR: Let's organize the entire player base to invade the Vanduul systems at the end of the beta. We have nothing to lose. Let's do something stupidly glorious (Yes we would all probably die), and heck CIG just might let us keep them.. :-)

First reality check given the number of NPC's in the game, our chances of pulling it off are almost 0, so we would all die doing it.

OK that out the way, some detail

A while back there was a thread, about this same topic but instead of the Vanduul it was the UEE. There is a problem with this, most of the law and order Guilds would side with the UEE and so you would never get a consensus of players. Where as the Vanduul are enemies to all humans. So both lawful and pirate aligned clans could get behind the idea of attacking the Vanduul, much easier to build a consensus against a common enemy

The last word I have heard is CIG is not planning a wipe after the beta so lets do something that is epic that can change the lore of the game

The Vanduul in my opinion are one of CIG's tools for keeping control of the game and to keep any organized player group from negatively impacting the game. If a player group becomes too obnoxious "hello Mr Vanduul Fleet". The Vanduul as far as we know, are outside the dynamic economy so can be whistled up at need. This leads to some fun implications

CR has said he wants the player base to help write the SC story, but it also obvious that we are not intended to drive it. A huge group (i.e.most) of players invading an area that is not part of the economy and would not threaten any planed story arcs, writes the story but does not drive the PU. The interesting part is we may be able to convince CIG to let us keep them human controlled at the end of the beta.

Other reasons to do it, there are a lot of the player base that would like to own and fly a Scythe, but lore prevents that and they are un-insurable. So even if you capture one, you wouldn't fly it in harms way.....But if we write our own lore take some Vanduul worlds via the new planet side FPS mechanic and capture some factories we can change all that

Full disclosure. I am privileged to own a scythe, it bothers me some that other folks don't have the opportunity. This a way to change that and it just sounds too damn fun...


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2. Monthly ship report
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Every month Citizen Glacier reports on the operation pitchfork asset roster (if you want to add shipes to the list or update your pledged ships go here).So without further ado here are the numbers:

Top 5 Ships in numbers

Super Hornet 628 (up 3 from last month)
Constellation Andromeda 555 (up 4 from last month)
Avenger 492 (up 1 from last month)
Aurora LN 414 (down 1 from last month)
Retaliator(original/2 torp bays) 409 (up 2 from last month)

Top 5 Ships in total dollar value

Constellation Andromeda $124,875 (up)
Super Hornet $113,040 (up)
Retaliator (original/2 torpedo bays) $102,250 (no change)
Idris-P Frigate $83,750 (no change)
Freelancer $40,370 (no change)

Total Number of ships rose by: 75 (lower than last month)

Biggest Increase:

Vanguard Harbinger with +12 (tail end of sale)
Endeavour Hope and Retaliator (base version) both running in second with +5 (sales)

Biggest Decrease: 300i with -2

Average Dollar value of pledged ships: $152.85 which is an increase of $0.54 from last month

3. Pitchfork at the gamescom event
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Every year CIG visits Cologne to attend Gamescom and to organize an awesome Citizen event. This year they presented parts of the social module (which has since been released), the FPS module and a most spectacular demonstration of both multicrew ships and a glimpse of the persistent universe. Operation Pitchfork decided to have a presence at Star Citizen events by bringing a banner where people can meet and by handing out Operation Pitchfork Stickers.

The banner allowed many pitchforkers to find each other and we even got it on stage as several pitchforkers in participated in the costume contest to show off our gear on the livestream

Operation Pitchfork plans to have banners at every major citizen event. If you want to meet up with other pitchforks at Citizen Con look for the banner and pitchforker reaper (on the left) both shown here below:

4. Communication and training
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One of the important things to arrange is communications and training. While the persistent universe is still far away, we can already practice with Vanduul Swarm. We want to set up a schedule of when people are playing. If you have a set time to play Star Citizen and want to play with other forkers let us know and we put you on the future schedule.

For the moment we have set up a free Raidcall comms server for Operation Pitchfork details on how to get this are below

It works as follows:

1. download raidcall
2. Install
3. Register an account (either on the website or within the program)
4. search for: 10905901 (which is Operation Pitchfork)
5. you can enter the lobby and when you apply one of the Admins can give you full access.

Additionally there is the Operation Pitchfork forums:

5. Colophon
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October 5th 2015