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Chaff & flares
Hi not sure if this is a viable strategy, but has anyone considered a craft that would act as a chaff or flare launcher to cover fighters & small torpedo bomber? Example King ship would have a couple of our ships launching chaffs & flares as fighters & small bombers go in to hit selected targets on Kings ship & fly back thru chaff screen to recharges shields & or go back & rearm, these ships dropping the chaff could also double as standing EWO as well. Am sure I probably missed something, but let me know what you think.


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Re: Chaff & flares
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Would our flares and chaff affect each other? Otherwise it'd be a decent idea. We could have interceptors follow bombers, and after they drop their payload, deploy flares and chaff to cover the return from the run

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Re: Chaff & flares
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Seen a mention of using "afterburners" also to destroy missiles...a thought...chaff and flares should be deployed when we get incoming missile notification...but, yes....
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