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Pitchfork Command and Control
Hi this a re-post of one in the main RSI thread. As always your thoughts and Ideas are needed

WOT Sorry TL;DR at bottom

There have been a lot of questions about organization and command structure of Pitchfork. So I thought it would be best to explain my opinion on it. We are a consensus/initiative based group of volunteers. Because of this we have a diverse membership who's tolerance for organization varies greatly.

With this reality and our goals in mind (Big Hint See page 37), the current plan is to uses the command structures of existing guilds and leadership. They are independent units that decide there own targets, strategy and tactics. They are requested to coordinate but not required. Guilds know their own troops and the last thing we want to do is get between guild leadership and there members.

Lone wolfs, non aligned pilots and small teams are requested to self organize into strike groups of ~30 plus, selecting their own leaders. These strike teams will have the same autonomy and a guild

Anyone who does not want to do the above is welcome to simply fly to the sound of gun fire

We do have a ongoing discussion on strategy ably facilitated by Hike and JackD. Guild/strike team leadership is requested that they add their thoughts to the dialog, fair warning expect spirited debate of any ides. The goal is to have a general consensus of our strategies. I don't expect anything to decided soon, but an ongoing dialog lasting a period of months or more.

One of our key tenants is "initiative based", What does that really mean? We have laid out goals we are developing strategy to implement those goals. So everyone knows what we want to do and will generally understand how want to do it. So no "Mushroom management" (Kept in the dark and feed Sh**). It is hoped then that each "Forker" if seeing something that needs done will just do and not wait for permission. This goes for guilds and strike teams as well as a single pilot.

The reason for this approach is true C&C is pretty much impossible at strategic level because of instancing. So the only control of the that makes sense is at the tactical level in the hands of the strike teen leaders. WE expect hundreds if not thousands of strike teams making administrating them impossible .

So what does Pitchfork HQ going to do? We will act as information coordinators, providing intelligence, suggested targets etc. We will also be running scouting and raids in force missions into Vanduul space prior to the main op

Anyway if this seems muddled I trying to stay awake ;-) As with everything we do with Pitchfork your comments are welcome and needed

We are a consensus/initiative based group, if you see something needs doing do it. Guilds/Lone Wolf Strike team run their own ops. Pitchfork provides intelligence and suggested targets 
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Pitchfork Belongs to all of us

Re: Pitch Folf Command and Control
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Regarding strike group sizes, see my squadron commentary here.

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Re: Pitch Folf Command and Control
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The reason for this approach is true C&C is pretty much impossible at strategic level because of instancing.

I think you mean tactical level, the strategic level represents the overall vision for Pitchfork.

I've written this elsewhere, but I'd propose that a central hub (operating similar to a C&C) for collating recon data and guild movements across the entire push would be critically useful. In addition, this hub would manage players spread out throughout the push updating everyone on the overall progress as well as strategic targets and the like.
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Re: Pitch Folf Command and Control
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I'm excited to see more groups join the event now that we got the MVP shout out. Starting a group center was a good move by JD, and should help us.

I know there are going to be a lot of people who don't want to join a dedicated site for this operation, and just want to fly in and shoot, but for any organization that wants to be an official part of the operation they should have at least one person posting here who can properly represent them. That's not to say we won't take any group that wants to just fly in at the same time and do their own thing, but it'd be nice if we could get them together to see what is going to be in the area at the same time.