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Forum Section and what it will cover
The Command Room is going to be the general location to find most of the strategies and plans developed by other members and militia groups in aid of the Operation Pitchfork.

Please feel free to post your planned idea's here if you feel you have a better plan then what has been provided.

Seeing as how we are still VERY early in the games development things will change drastically to a point that some plans or tactics will not work or that the event will be the largest testing phase for the game come beta time.

Hiker and I (JackDaniels) Will try our best to keep up with all the idea's that are posted and have a general plan updated once a month that feels to be a great fit and something that every one else would feel be worth while.

As for now if you feel you enjoy a plan some one else has provided or feel it needs a slight tweak post up your tweaked plan in that person's thread.

If you have a different plan of your own that you would like to pitch here feel free to do so. As for now keep a quick overview of the plan as key points then any major details following after that so others will understand the objectives of your plans a little faster.

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