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Taking out or taking over Vanduul Carriers
As far as I can tell, the greatest threat we may be facing is the Vanduul Carrier.

I proposed a strategy is in order so I thought of this...

Forget Guilds or groups and have each other classified into different classes of ships. (Long List :0)

1.  Interceptors (M50's Marauders, and others)
2.  Assault (Hornets and medium type ships)
3.  Troop Carriers
4.  Missile Boats
5.  Bombers
6.  HQ
7.  Search and Rescue
8.  Emergency Repairs
9.  Long Range
10.  Salvage
11.  Communications
12.  Escort
13.  Special Forces
14.  Security
15.  Supply and Refuel
16.  Haulers

When we confront a carrier it will most likely launch it's ships at us.   We need to counter this and leave it open to attack and/or close in during the battle and sabotage it from within. 
It will be very difficult to capture such a large vessel for we do not have enough data right now on the enemy.

Battle Plan.
1.  We have the interceptors at the front and they will make contact with the carrier ships and get into a dog fight.  (They will act as bait)

2.  The Assault group will follow far enough from the interceptors so that they will not be targeted by the Vanduul ships.  It will consist of medium fighters such as hornets and will close in and finish off the attackers.

3.  Either we win or lose will depend on the interceptor group for they will be used as bait and they will shape how the battle is played out.
How?  The interceptors will need to dodge fire and travel in a S pattern and will allow allied forces to fulfill their goals.

4.  The interceptors will have the battle move away from our fleet and allow Long range ships such as the destroyers to target the Carrier.

5.  The Security group will intercept any Vanduul ship that is targeting our Main Fleet.  They will need to maintain position and keep a close eye on the fleet.  They will also need to protect the fleet from Rogue elements such as those in Operation Trident. 

Operation Trident are members who are against this operation and may try to sabotage ships.
Security forces will need to stay vigilant and be prepared to attack spies, saboteurs, and other rogue elements.
Their motives is that they are pirates and that if a war erupts they believe that pirates will not be able to attack solo ships so easily for ships will move in more numbers, because of the war.

6.  The interceptors will keep having the battle in a S type formation.  This will allow Search and Rescue to head into the field without much danger for the battle will be moving away from them.They will need to act quickly and save those they can and head back to base ASAP.

7.  Haulers will be in charge of getting supplies to the main fleet.  Fuel, ammo, and other necessities to keep the fleet running.

8.  Supply and refuel will be teams that will respond to individual units to supply with ammo, missiles, fuel, and other element.

9.  Emergency Repair crews will do battlefield repairs and allow ships to either make it back to the fight or make it back to the fleet for further repairs.

10.  Salvage crews will pick up what is useful and return to the fleet with usable weapons.  This will allow us to rearm certain weapons on ships.  They will also be allowed to pick up salvage for own personal needs.
(There will be those that do that and that is okay... don't get in their way we will have our hands full anyway.)

11.  Escorts will move with Search and Rescue teams, Communications, Haulers, Supply and refuel, and other elements that need protection.

12.  Communications will keep a close eye on the carrier and the battle making sure they spot any Vanduul reinforcements, they will be essential for Special Forces teams.
They will need to find out and spot out rogue elements in the field by Identifying who are attack who and determine which is a spy or rogue element that threatens our fleet.

13.  Special Forces group will be a mixed unit that will have many different types of ships that will be sent on special missions.  Such as interception, Fast Reinforcements, Guerrilla Warfare missions, Anti-Spy and/or Rogue element elimination, and others.
Special Forces will be the most dangerous and high risk group to belong to, because they may need to intercept a destroyer or a whole fleet while we are destroying/capturing the carrier.  They will also work closely with communications so they can eliminate rogue elements in the main battle.

14.  During the battle Bombers will do runs on larger ships that are getting in the way of the destroyers.  They will target either engines or other tactical placements like weapons control systems.

15.  Missile boats will support the bombers and will weaken targeted ship's shields with missiles.  They will have a multi-role aspect for they may need to join in the battle and provide heavy support. 

16.  If we want to capture the Carrier I would recommend taking out the Command and Control area of the ship.  That is probably where they can self-destruct.  This will also significantly confuse the enemy with communications.

17.  next we send the troop carriers and have them disable life-support systems.  (The UEE was able to capture a Vanduul ship, because their was a radiation leak.)  The Vanduul crew members do not wear suits that protect them the vacuum of space.  We may also have boarders use the self destruct mode and destroy the carrier that way.  If possible, we can upload a virus or other intrusive programs to take over the ship and make it ours or into a huge bomb.

18.  Most likely the Vanduul will not attempt Search and Rescue operations and will commit a large force to attack our units.

19.  HQ will communicate with units and will decide on different strategies during the battle.  This will be the safest area in the battle for it must be protected at all costs.  This will be the area where our troops will be treated for medical care, Haulers offload their payload, and other necessities that need to exist for our fleet to function.

20.  Hopefully if all ends well we will have successfully disabled a carrier with a minimal amount of casualties.

21.  After the battle there will be after battle reports and we will repair, refuel, and resume our attack ASAP.

I hope this will be useful for the battle plan you are coming up.  Remember that you are going against bots and not other players so we should be able to win battles even if we are outnumbered.

During battle plans may change, but do not forget Armitage.

Good/Bad plan to capture ships with?  What do you think?

Re: Taking out or taking over Vanduul Carriers
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It will all depend a bit on how instances are going to work in practice and how we can switch out units in those instances...

Overall it looks good, we will have to see how Kinships will travel through space (do they have support ships? How many fighters do they launch etc)

also interesting is that in the latest 10ftCM Chris Roberts spoke of you being able to board ships stealthily, that may be preferable to try also. We don't really know to what extend boarding mechanics and taking over Vanduul ships will work. So we should simply experiment.

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Re: Taking out or taking over Vanduul Carriers
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It might be viable and possible to use the fight as a distraction for stealth ships carrying special forces members onto the carrier without being noticed.

However this plan you lay out before us is legit, and if we can't take it stealthily, we act as fast and coordinated as possible to stop the self destruct from happening