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Topic: Help an indecisive Forker?  (Read 2089 times) previous topic - next topic

Help an indecisive Forker?

I've decided to pledge for one of the bigger ships, I just can't decide which one to get  :(

I've got a super hornet right now, and have no intention of melting it. At least not until I get a look at the Bulldog  ;) I've budgeted around $300 USD for this ship pledge. My issue is figuring out which one to get.

The Retaliator and the Redeemer have both caught my eye. Both seem useful, both seem modable in the future. Looking at the numbers, OPPF has a significant number more Retaliators than it does Redeemers. Given the fact that we'll eventually run up against larger Vandul ships, I can see why. A gunboat/drop ship would still definitely have its uses though. It feels like the Redeemer might not pack as significant of a punch as the Tali, but being able to board and possibly take over an enemy ship would be awesome.

There's the issue of crew as well. Currently it's about a 3:1 ratio of ships to pilots, many of those ships being multi-crew. I realize that we'll be able to use NPCs for some positions, but I wonder how many.

Anyway, long story short, Redeemer or Retaliator?

Re: Help an indecisive Forker?

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don't buy such an expensive ship just for operation pitchfork!

What do you want to do in the verse and base your purchase on that :)

Re: Help an indecisive Forker?

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It's not just for OPPF, but I figure I'll be getting it, might as well make use of it in GLORIOUS COMBAT! *ahem* excuse me.

I'll probably using whatever ship I get in the PU for things like merc work, bounty hunting, and exploring. I definitely want something with decent to long range capabilities. A cargo hold would be nice, but not required.