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Wolfpack Squadron
Been playing with the idea that we can have a squadron made up of independent pilots who want the support of the squadron, but are not able to find a group that they would like to fly with. The idea is that it would analogous to the famed 'Black Sheep' Squadron of WWII, with each pilot bringing their own style of flight and equipment. There would be no formal chain of command outside of squadron and wing leaders, who would act as coordinators for the fleet with the purpose to relay information and needs.

I'm wondering what do the Lone Wolves think of this idea and if it would something that they'd be willing to work with in order to make some Space bacon?

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Re: Wolfpack Squadron
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I'm actually trying to work on that right now. Skyhound United is an organization of ours that we're building, and we're accepting anyone who wants to join as an affiliate(no need to stick with us forever, or make it the main org of yours), and then we can pool our resources together towards a general goal with the freedom to act on your own if you wish.

Currently the actual members of SU are going to be operating as runners. We'll be burning through the fight to either bring ground troops to the planets(if possible), take wounded away from the battle/replace wounded on large ships, as well as bring ammo and fuel into the fray so there is less of a need to retreat to rearm.

I'd also welcome some members to be a little MORE involved, and helping organize the wolf-pack