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Topic: Operation Pitchfork: Guardians of Orion [initiative to secure Orion long term] (Read 4785 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: Operation Pitchfork: Guardians of Orion [initiative to secure Orion long term]
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I wouldn't call the idea of UEE Fleet support to be a safe bet. As it stands we aren't even looking at UEE necessarily moving any of their fleet in if the OP is successful, we are geared more towards Orion being converted to a neutral zone by civilian NPCs looking to expand, colonize, trade etc... Now MAYBE we can get the UEE to push in to one of the nearby jump systems such as Tiber MAYBE, but not something we should really count on in the plans with how things currently stand. Holding the systems is going to strongly rely on whatever forces we have left after the main OP and it is doubtful too that the Vanduul will be our only concerns at that point.

On the note of the lore, that is a whole other thing to get into. Could probably start up it's own thread about different ways to involve both OPPF and GoO into the lore further. Suffice to say it would be cool to be incorporated deeper into the lore like that, but there are concerns to address with that thought as well mainly in regards to how the majority of the player base still see us.
Now that kind of goes back to my original concern, if we can't get the UEE to establish a presence in some of the system leading to Orion it might get hard to actually get to Orion. The Vanduul over time, or quickly, could not really cut Orion off but make life difficult for traders and such; or it could be pirates.

What do you mean about how the other players see us? Do you think we could be seen in a negative light?

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Re: Operation Pitchfork: Guardians of Orion [initiative to secure Orion long term]
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Yes, it is a very big concern for us. This OP is going to be filled with a lot of variables even once we have a good establishment to really work with. We could probably count on syndicates moving in to hold territory of one system we take from Vanduul at least but UEE is very hesitant to get directly involved in anything, and technically does not openly condone what we are doing as I recall. Still UEE involvement to push in and help hold a system could be possible depending on the depth of involvement OPPF can really have in the games political realm with the UEE. I believe we still have a thing going with "letters to the Senate" for example.

As far as OPPF and GoO being seen in negative light, there is still a heavily neutral based opinion about it but with much concern even from neutral parties. During times I would spend monitoring comms and spreading word of the OP. Many see OPPF in particular as just another large org rather than a weekend op simply because there is an org established to make communication and coordination easier. Much like the outcry for when an OPPF skin was produced by CIG and sold in the shop, there is still much unrest of the "favoritism" CIG is showing OPPF. There had also been complaints like "OPPF better not be what causes the sacking of Earth" as an example of one topic I recall. This is all still quite early and something we can work on changing though, more discussion and concerns about this can be brought up in it's own thread if you or anyone else wish to discuss it in more detail.

Also, if anything is unclear in what I said let me know I have yet to rest again, so my mind is not all here as it were.

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Re: Operation Pitchfork: Guardians of Orion [initiative to secure Orion long term]
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Sold! I'm in!
One thing I've learned in the past from playing other games like Star Wars galaxies (before SOE screwed it up), is just how much player can accomplish when they are given enough freedom. I also learned that the reputation of even a single player or group can spread across the community. That being said, I want to get in on the ground floor so in a few years I can say "I was there when it happened".
Whatever direction we go in, I'll support it in anyway I can.
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Re: Operation Pitchfork: Guardians of Orion [initiative to secure Orion long term]
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awesome to hear! In case you didn't see it, here's the official ORG page to the players who plan on sticking around after the battle to keep Orion safe: