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Taxis service.
here a suggestion and thought for preparation of OPPF

as we know players will start in different system, some quite far from Orion and Tiber.
What will happen is if we don't have a way ( hire npc or something) to move all ship you want to sacrifice, in a nearby systeme, you will have to pilote to said system ( and rent a hangar there) then, go back to your home hangar.

but then you will need a ship to go back, that why some player may help by doing taxi for people who need to go to a system to get other ship ( it can take many to the same system or stop a other systeme on the way t othe final stop).

that for prior event.

during event with all the dead, "respawn" station/ world may be full and people may end respawn somewhere else that where we thought, here again a transport to get them where needed ( hangar to ship, or rendez point for crew and multicrew ship) would come handy.

if any one have any suggestion of best ship and how to do that. or if isn't usefull, feel free to post in this thead, and thx for reading

Re: Taxis service.
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I will be around for moving people to there ships and i wont charge them a cent to boot

Re: Taxis service.
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i just realise, before the taxi, we should do some convoi, like round up all ship from one sector who want to get to same sector. for better protection, people could go solo with they ship, but they will make easier target if some pirate or org are on the way to block us

( maybe i should put that in the INTEL?)

Re: Taxis service.
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This is one of the things that should be on our priority list to figure out during the first iterations of the PU. It rather depends on how long transit time takes and the resulting fuel consumption and if we can establish temporary staging areas.

Research questions:
Can staging area's be created for >1000 ships?
What is the operational distance of average ships? -> Do we need to set up fuel stations?
What is the transit time of ships from their hangars to combat areas?
How effective is the ingame taxi service?

Re: Taxis service.
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you can add, what ship can carry what ship too. as for exemple how many aurora can be carry by an Idris and does the fuel consomption goes over what those aurora would have spend

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Re: Taxis service.
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We talking Phoenix and 980J luxury tour or seat at cargo freighter? ;)
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