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     In response to Jack Knife's organizational structures, I'm curious as to whether or not the Titan infantry will be supported by regular infantry. Regular infantry will have its advantages, in stealth and in covering large areas of ground around the titan suits. Basically, they should be treated like tanks.

     Also, I have the same issue with the structure for ships. I believe each unit should have its own fighter escort, in order to cover its weaknesses. Fighters themselves probably serve to real purpose other than as escorts anyway.

     I also have an alternative command structure for ships, but I haven't figured out how to post images here.
I just want to know whether or not disabling a ship's engines in atmosphere will cause it to hurtle inexorably toward the ground and certain death for 7,500 aliens?
Command Room - General Chat / Re: Operational goals
Last post by Bigdaddyocho -
Let's not overlook the ripe opportunity to get salvage from Grinder using SRV's, reclaimers, and vultures while the rest of our forces are causing havoc.
Command Room - General Chat / Re: Operational goals
Last post by Bigdaddyocho -
     I just want to reiterate what I've been saying: Please let's not get trapped in attrition fighting. We can go Tet offensive on these bitches. Precision strikes on soft targets in one system to get vanduul to mass there, cut off their comms, and then attack all of their known systems at once with the intent to cause as much destruction as possible to their economy. Once we do that, if they are stronger than us, simply retreat and regroup elsewhere.
     We should know if they move toward earth because we should have direct comms between scout leaders in each system and the overall comander, so he or she will know when to order a fall back to earth. This should give us time to get there first, or even catch them at  Elysium as it is the first UEE territory along the only known large jump point route to the Sol system. If the Vanduul take a smaller route, they're probably not going to make it far, because they'll be using smaller ships.
     I also really like the idea of having a separate command structure in each system subordinate to the overall commander. Also maybe we need to figure out what we're gonna call the officers so we don't sound like a bunch of chodes.
     I've been thinking that if we have scouts with comms in each Vanduul system, and ESPECIALLY Vanguard, We will know when the Vanduul are going for earth. If they want to go through the large jump points, they will have to start jumping toward Vanguard. If we're paying attention, we will see it coming. Also, there's no reason we can't keep some forces attacking them at home as well.
     The attackers could be small groups supported by intel who focus on hit and run tactics. We could have our main force waiting for them when they jump into Vanguard just like in the movie Wing Commander. And I have a feeling they won't all jump in simultaneously.
we can probably simply disable a cap ship or drag one from Grinder using argo srvs. Maybe disabling the ship's power and then venting it to atmosphere will be enough to kill everyone inside.
     Obviously, we don't have the forces to go toe to toe with the Vanduul fleet, but I'm thinking we should pull a Tet offensive against them. We feign an attack on a single system that looks like a good target, maybe because they're already harvesting it and we go in hard and fast attacking their harvester carriers. Once their fleet jumps in to retaliate, we destroy all their comms ships in all other systems and do the same thing to pre-selected soft targets in every one of those systems.
     If they bring in their capital ships in-atmosphere to retaliate, we can have our own cap ships and bombers waiting to catch them where they are less able to fight. Our EMPs may really shine here.
     Without comms, they shouldn't have a clue what is going on.
     If we do manage to catch them in atmosphere, and we are able to destroy them, THEN we can bring in drop ships and gun ships to cause maximum damage on the surface.
     If we get overrun in a system, we can simply flee and go cause havoc elsewhere.
     I have just read an amazing book called The Art of Maneuver. It should be a MANDATORY read for everyone in command at least the first half of the book; The rest is fluff.

     Lessons learned from reading:

1) Attack the enemy's pivot point: his greatest weakness vs his point of strength (I would assume this to be harvester carriers and shipping. We could use piracy and salvage to harass their merchant fleet while avoiding a war of attrition vs their military ships)

2) A swift, sudden attack at the right target and time will beat superior force (From chess, consider first what your enemy can do to you, so a small force left in reserve can be used to "pin" the Vanduul should they try to get around us and hit OUR center of gravity, and then we could hit them in the rear while they are occupied). If we KNOW they're going for Earth in retaliation for pitchfork, we should have a surprise waiting for them, with a small expeditionary force to trigger their attack on Earth.

3) Dislocate the enemy from his point of strength either positionally or operationally. In this case, consider avoiding kingships and drillers altogether. Our capital ships might better serve as FOBs for repair and resupply than in direct combat. Even their fighters seem designed to attack larger ships due to their large weapons and slow firing rate.

4) Never fight fair. Win while using the least resources possible, without fighting if possible. If the enemy isn't able to use a weapon against you, it becomes operationally irrelevant.

5) Destroy their communication ships so they can't relay information, while using our own scouts to update information in real time.

6) Combined mixed forces are force multipliers if different types of friendly units affect the enemy differently. Therefore, each system should probably have its own Fleet Commander, with a subordinate in charge of each individual unit type. Each subordinate relays relevant information to his Fleet Commander. Each Fleet Commander would relay relevant information to the person in charge of the overall operation. Handle problems at the lowest possible level to streamline the process.

7) If you find yourself in a fair fight, consider retreating. You shouldn't have to win every single engagement, and you don't have to annihilate the enemy altogether. But if you must fight, prevent him from playing to his strengths or separate him from his allies.

8) The longer an engagement lasts, the less lethal it becomes over time. Surprise attacks on vulnerable targets might be preferable to fighting head to head.
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