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     I recently saw a list of Vanduul ships and I think they have two really large achilles heels: the Lightfire Comms ship and the Driller harvester carrier. If we take out the comms ship, they theoretically can't send for reinforcements. If we take out the Driller, the harvesters won't have anywhere to deposit their resources, so that defeats the purpose of them fighting at all, because they have nothing to gain at that point. Obviously, killing a kingship means their fighters will have nothing to carry them, so there's that, but maybe we should avoid that fight if possible.
     The problem is that these are capital ships and they'll probably require coordinated alpha strikes with torpedoes so they have no time to react.
     Right now, we don't have enough solid data on the Vanduul, so trying to figure out how many torpedoes of what size isn't going to be very helpful, but I do have an idea about HOW to attack them.
     I'm thinking the first line should be fighters with many missiles (ie. gladius) who can fire decoys (decoy missiles are going to be a thing) and then break away, followed by a line of missile boats protected by the decoy screen, firing everything to both confuse enemy radar and to maybe cause damage, followed by enough torpedoes to kill the target assuming they all hit, and maybe a few extra just in case.
     Another idea is that we can maybe split their forces by surrounding them with several fleets of similar makeup and then retreating after a brief engagement. After they spread out to engage, we can flank the individual groups more easily.
     I'd really love to draw their capital ships into atmosphere and then crash them by knocking out their propulsion using suckerpunch type weapons if that's at all possible.
     What we really should NOT do is try to match our strength against theirs. If we exploit their weaknesses and dislocate them from their point of strength, we should be able to win. I feel like their fighters are built to take down capital ships, so we definitely need defensive ships as well as offensive. US Naval fleets have an inner core surrounded by two rings of ships, mostly in the direction of expected attack, with the outer ring consisting of long range weapons, the inner ring of high rate of fire weapons to take down incoming missiles and faster adversaries that get through, and picket ships that hide and wait for enemies to get close and then kill them with missiles.
     Maybe our capital ships should serve in a support role only, with the Polaris and eclipse doing most of the heavy lifting, at least until their forces are weakened considerably.
     One more suggestion: Sending the ground forces may be necessary to draw the enemy into atmosphere or even to get them to respond en masse, but we will likely suffer casualties if we do so. Their void bombers look like they will be smallish and have no  problem in atmosphere, so maybe we need aerodynamic fighters standing by just to counter them.
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Ihr seid dem Emperators treu ergeben? Dann seid ihr hier genau richtig bewerbt euch bei uns und zieht mit uns in den Kampf!
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My name is Majesthor and I'm glade to join that wave again the oppressor . I have Valkyrie Hawk and soon for 3.6 patch a Vanguard
Navy oder Industrial ob Marine oder Händer, oder sogar ein Bounty Hunter das alles benötigen wir und noch einiges mehr.
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Du suchst eine Gilde die Wert auf Zusammenhalt und Teamplay legt ? Spielst gerne in einem gut eingespielten Team ?

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28 Here's a link to an alternative command structure for all the ships being used.
     In response to Jack Knife's organizational structures, I'm curious as to whether or not the Titan infantry will be supported by regular infantry. Regular infantry will have its advantages, in stealth and in covering large areas of ground around the titan suits. Basically, they should be treated like tanks.

     Also, I have the same issue with the structure for ships. I believe each unit should have its own fighter escort, in order to cover its weaknesses. Fighters themselves probably serve to real purpose other than as escorts anyway.

     I also have an alternative command structure for ships, but I haven't figured out how to post images here.
I just want to know whether or not disabling a ship's engines in atmosphere will cause it to hurtle inexorably toward the ground and certain death for 7,500 aliens?