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Special Forces should be added to the Recon part of the OP since they will have to gather the information.
Your Intel and analysis should be under 1 roof to ensure efficiency or you end up with competing over merit and resources.
But in the wider context of this OP the following roles would be:

1. Recon, before evening making any final plans beyond theory crafting weeks if not months in advance you will need to study the enemy, movement and find out where they have their installations.
2. PathFinders, Setting up landing zones and finding them for Planetary Assault.
3. Special operations, disabling defenses such as AA guns, disabling key space installations.
4. Screening and Flank security.
5. Wetwork/Blackops, plain and simple, the assassination of key commanders and staff.
Get to know your fellow Forkers / Hello fellow citizens!
Last post by ArcaKahn -
Hi everyone!  Just joined!  Can't wait to smash some Vanduul together!  Thanks!

Command Room - General Chat / Re: Operational goals
Last post by HisEvilness -
The important thing to consider here is that you are attempting to field a fleet of 100k people this would require some practice.
You would at least one test run at full capacity to figure out the tidbits that will not appear in theory crafting.

Furthermore, this could be seen as a military campaign you would need a plan, for that you need the systems and planning.
Maps will have to be drawn and handed down, sectors to be made up and task forces to divide the fleet etc.
Supply's, re-arming, staging areas and the defense of these areas etc.

Handy for you to see if any of the people have worked in a staff position in the Armed Forces.
Get to know your fellow Forkers / Re: Introduction.
Last post by HisEvilness -
Hello and thanks for adding me!
I will go over the materials and study is familiarizing myself with the operation.
Auch wenn wir uns als Hardcore Corp eingestuft haben, traut euch ruhig euch zu bewerben.
Wir sind eine tolle große Familie in der der Spaß nicht zu kurz kommt.
Bewerbt euch! Wir freuen uns auf euch.
Get to know your fellow Forkers / Re: Introduction.
Last post by ~L~ -
Greetings and welcome to OPPF! The asset roster is pretty easy to work with but we can add you to it if you prefer. With this orientation packet you can find all the info you need on the operation as well as the asset roster should you ever wish to make any changes to your information, but for now I will go ahead and add you in.
Joint Operations / New Joint Operations Event
Last post by Benjamin the Rogue -
Operation Pitchfork is hosting a new Joint Operations Event! All organizations and freelance personnel are welcome for a new day of training scenarios! Currently, we only need to decide what training scenarios we want to focus on during this event. That's where you come in, you glorious Forker, you! Suggested operations for this JO are as follows. More will be included as they are suggested.

Search & Rescue
Ground Patrol
Ship Boarding and Repelling
Ship Escort and Ambush
Logistic Organization and Transportation

This is the idea for the framework, now get to work on getting some ideas out there!

Get to know your fellow Forkers / Introduction.
Last post by HisEvilness -
Hello, forkers!

Found this brilliant idea on the forums when i saw the new logo.
I like the idea, will most surely crash the servers before even seeing any Vanduul but allas the small change, we do make it this should be fun.
Before editing any sheet I would rather introduce myself here and get added by someone who is more in tune with this document.
That and i do not like random people messing with my sheets either so there is that.

Name: HisEvilness,  RSI Link:

Role: Command/Recon/Boarding/JSTAR(Intel)/AWACS(Command & Control)

Other Recourse: Guild Leader, Code Black.


Guild: Unit 666

Ships: Carrack/Super Hornet/Hawk/Cutlass Black

Cheerios Gents and Lady's
Get to know your fellow Forkers / Re: Vanduul
Last post by ~L~ -
Welcome to OPP Sirpepstench! Here is your orientation packet to get you started where you can read up on the OP and add your assets to the roster.
Get to know your fellow Forkers / Re: Cogito ergo sum
Last post by ~L~ -
Greetings pyrodactyl! Welcome to the operation. Here is your orientation packet to get you started where you can read up on the OP and add your assets to the roster.