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Auch wenn wir uns als Hardcore Corp eingestuft haben, traut euch ruhig euch zu bewerben. Wir sind eine tolle große Familie in der der Spaß nicht zu kurz kommt.
Bewerbt euch! Wir freuen uns auf euch.
Wir, die das Banner des Löwen tragen, suchen Verstärkung. Jene die noch unentschlossen sind und jene die für die Freiheit des Verse sind. Jede Tonne Frachtraum, jede Rakete, jeder Schuß Munition zählt, genauso wie jede Waffe in den Händen eines entschlossenen Freiheitskämpfers.
Wir, die PMC ,,Thelyn Ennor" sind entschlossen alles zu tun um das Verse frei und vielfältig zu halten. Aber wir alleine können die Vanduulhorden, Piratenketzer und zerstörerischen Verbrechersyndikate nicht aufhalten. Wir brauchen jeden Mann, jede Waffe, alles was das freie Verse hat, um diese unendliche Aufgabe zu meistern.
Bald geht es los und wir bereiten uns auf die grossen Schlachten vor.

Falls Ihr mehr über Thelyn Ennor wissen möchtet besucht doch einfachunsere Homepage, vielleicht interessiert Euch auch ein anderes Team.​

Bonjour Pitchfork !

Je suis shakkawan , représentant le Legatus Squadron.
Tueurs de Vanduul de père en fils depuis la bataille d'Orion, nous souhaitons prendre une part active dans l'opération Pitchfork. Nous avons fait notre devise de lutter contre la menace Vanduul.

1) Page RSI :

2) Discord :

3) Organisation Francophones. Fuseaux horaires GMT / GMT+1

4) Nous nous engageons totalement dans l'opération PITCHFORK. Nous recrutons activement tout les profils combattants ou supports pouvant nous aider à lutter pour préserver l'humanité. Il faudra toutefois avoir plus de 18 ans.

5) Pas de loup solitaire sauf exception.

6) Sans jouer les têtes brulées nous souhaitons repousser le plus loin possible du coeur de l'humanité la menace vanduul. Vous l'aurez compris : on est pas venu sur Pitchfork pour enfiler des perles !

7) Nous souhaitons être présents en première ligne pour nos unités spécialisées combats ainsi que dans la coordination de manière générale. Nous sommes spécialisés dans le combat , tactiques , stratégies et communication , coordination. Nous avons les vaisseaux pour cela.

Nous souhaitons nous porter volontaires pour aider à l'organisation ou la coordination des forces francophones.

Ihr seid dem Emperators treu ergeben? Dann seid ihr hier genau richtig bewerbt euch bei uns und zieht mit uns in den Kampf!
Navy oder Industrial ob Marine oder Händer, oder sogar ein Bounty Hunter das alles benötigen wir und noch einiges mehr.
Wen du dich angesprochen füllst dann komm zu uns.

Weitere Infos findest du unter
Du suchst eine Gilde die Wert auf Zusammenhalt und Teamplay legt ? Spielst gerne in einem gut eingespielten Team ?

Dann bewirb dich bei uns und lerne unser Erfolgsgeheimnis kennen.

Weitere Infos findest du unter
Alpha 3.6 ist gelandet und damit eine Reihe flugfähiger Raumschiffe sowie ein neuer Panzer, mit dem man entspannt Langstreckenbeziehungen unterhalten kann, ohne sich direkt die Finger schmutzig zu machen. Aber lest die kleinen Spezifikationen selbst weiter unter:
First off I would like to welcome you to Operation Pitchfork (OPPF). Here is your orientation packet with some general resources to help get you rolling here, although you seem to be finding your way around.

I see Demontank answered a lost of stuff already. I am going to respond to all your posts on different boards, here, cho, just to make it a bit easier. The Vanduul are a Tribal and nomadic race and as of yet we have seen nothing to indicate the presence of a Vanduul home world. What's more, the Vanduul we fight in one system may not be the same as in another system. There are tribal tensions within the Vanduul culture as well and one tribe may not necessarily be willing to come to the aid of another in danger, or if they do get involved it could be to take advantage of a situation that has weakened an enemy tribe. Alternatively it could of course force tribes to work for a common goal, even reluctantly, and what could have been a fight against one enemy becomes a fight against two or more.

As Demontank mentioned there is no official command structure. This is a volunteer for fun event. The closest thing we will have to a C2 would be the Intelligence Research and Data Analysis Center (IRADAC). In IRADAC we intend to collect and process information to develop intelligence and distribute guidance and recommendations based on that intelligence. Whether anyone chooses to heed any of that will be their choice because as Demontank said we aren't going to command the tactics of the event, but we do want to have something available that can provide participants an edge and some more variable options than just mass at a location and fight.

Regarding communications ships, we may have other options than just destroying them depending on how far along EW mechanics are at the time of the operation. Same goes for the potential with cyber warfare.

The Art of Maneuver looks interesting and just from your run down could be helpful for those without military experience in a command position or intelligence operations. Although I personally I don't care for the point of #7 entirely. That is to say it only touches on a small part of equal force engagement. There are many options to consider in that regards in shaping the battlefield and the fight depending on the engagement and its location. Even in a retreat one could still utilize a mobile defense or simply retrograde to alternate positions instead. In the end though regardless of what actions we take there will be losses and all we can do is hope to mitigate those losses as best we can.

I do like where you are going with things though and it is good to see some interest from someone in this again. A lot of interest and activity in this has died down with how long it's been and how slow progress of the games development was. Please feel free to continue sharing thoughts and ideas and participating in discussions either here or on the OPPF discord. As Eisenhower said "Plans are useless but planning is indispensable" and it is something I very much agree with.

Again, welcome to OPPF. If you have any questions about anything regarding OPPF don't hesitate to ask. I also recommend you to check out Guardians of Orion which is our after pitchfork OP. In the event of us somehow being successful in pushing the Vanduul out of the Orion system, ORIONGUARD is the operation intended to retain the system and conduct the sustainment operations that will allow colonists to slowly move back in to the system and start building new infrastructure and to rebuild what the Vanduul had taken and destroyed.
Command Room - General Chat / Game Theory
Last post by Bigdaddyocho -
     Game theory suggests the infinite player will win in the long run, so I propose we pirate Vanduul cargo ships and/or harvester carriers to make it as expensive as possible for them to operate in the systems we want to take back. The highest benefit to cost ratio would probably involve attacking their shipping only and avoiding combat with their military.

     We could extend this to cover all known Vanduul systems, but maybe we don't want to wipe them out completely, but only protect what is ours? If we attack their homeworld, I imagine that will prompt a full invasion by them, and we probably don't want that.

     On a side note, we do know of only one route they could take to Sol due to their reliance on capital ships, and that is via Vanguard through Elysium. It might behoove us to be ready with mine layers on our side of the jump point in Elysium in case they DO decide to try that.