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Get to know your fellow Forkers / *Luftwolf* reporting for duty.
Last post by Luftwolf -
Hello Folks!  :D

I recently joined the Operation and am offering my fleet as a sacrifice in the final chapter.  8)

Me in RL:
1st name: Yann
Age: currently 40
From: Germany

My current fleet (subject to change during sales):
(And of course depending on if I can convince my Org to join the operation to man the larger ships...)

If you have any questions: feel free!

So long,
Get to know your fellow Forkers / New to Star Citizen
Last post by Hola Bums -
Would like to have a big group to play with and was referred here by scalywog.
Du bist
ein engagierter Pilot oder auch ein gewiefter Industrieller ?

bist du bei uns richtig !

suchen DICH !
Get to know your fellow Forkers / I'm real
Last post by Sciuridae -
Hello everyone in OPPF,
                          My moniker is Sciuridae and I'm happy to pledge my support for this event. I've taken the liberty of adding my assets to the roster in the row titled "ser_sciuridae", feel free to look that over for sorting. I've thought about this event since I first became aware of it through reddit and from STLYoungblood's video about it some years back, and have since read up on the articles posted on the OPPF org page. I am aware that we aren't meant to make this a chore and that this is primarily a fun exercise, but in the spirit of giving it our best feel free when the time comes to hit me up and crew one of my excess ships. Thank you for reading, and have a good day!
Get to know your fellow Forkers / Hello All
Last post by Lieutenant Lucky -
Promise I'm not a spammer.
Ich finde die Hammerhead super. Endlich haben wir ein Gunship zwischen Constellation und Polaris. Dabei handelt es sich um ein Anti-Fighter Ship, dass auch sehr Tanki ist.
Nur der Preis hat mich leider abgeschreckt. :)
Get to know your fellow Forkers / Non-synthetic Organism Verification
Last post by Blackhearth -
Heya, I'm real.

Apart from that, I'm in my late thirties & come from a gaming background that was heavily into the X-wing & TIE fighter games back it the day. I live in Blackpool in the UK & should be flying around SC by the end of the week - gotta love those Black Friday deals when it comes to getting a PC capable of running this game!
Joint Operations / 3.0 Haystack Exercise
Last post by RTemple -
With the upcoming public release of 3.0, we are going to see a broad spectrum of features to provide new outlets for game-play and practice.

What I suggest now, is a tentative drill to begin working en mass for the greater collection of OP. This will gather the maximum amount of coordinated players and OP operatives into the servers, to test for functionality, synchronization, and response time.

3.0 Haystack Exercise will take the server player numbers to its limit, as OP members will gather together, and coordinate a massive QJ to a single destination. This may require a number of attempts, as server crashes, massive player lag or computer errors, could impede the exercise.

My proposal is to use the mining planetoid Delamar, where Levski is located, to coordinate a simulated attack. All players, once gathered together on Port Olisar, will then align their QJ starmaps on their mobiglas, and make the jump simultaneously.
The intent here is to observe time displacement between vessel size and destination distance, so as to better accommodate for those who could take longer, or shorter periods of time reaching said destination.
It is also meant to help get everyone on the same page in terms of approaching what will be considered the closest version of an attack we can get.

I would also suggest having 2-4 people both in orbit above Delamar, and on the planetoid itself, to perhaps record the arrival. Someone else can record from the offensive side as their jump to Delamar.

Again, this is a suggestion, but if OP is to be taken seriously, I think larger scaled drills need to be taken, especially when 3.0, which is supposed to be the foundations for the games actual build, is released.

Fun or other beneficial features of practice can be added as well, like everyone firing down on the planet, or having some, or few someones, acting out as enemies in orbit, etc.

Neue Welten, neue Grenzen und beinahe unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten. All dies verspricht diese Zeitalter der Erkundung, eine Renaissance der Koloniezeit. In den fernsten Winkeln des Universums scheint das Licht von Gerechtigkeit und Rechtsprechung jedoch nur schwach und so sind die weit verstreuten Ordnungshüter auf jede Hilfe angewiesen die sie kriegen können. Für genau diese Zwecke entwarf Anvil Aerospace nun seinen neusten Jäger: der Anvil Hawk.
Ausgelegt als kleiner Jäger und ausgestattet mit einer Auswahl an tödlichen und nicht tödlichen Waffen ist er die perfekte Wahl für jeden Kopfgeldjäger oder lokale Sicherheitsorganisation, die ihre Feuerkraft aufstocken möchte.
Der Hawk ist aktuell als Concept Sale im Rahmen der Anniversary Sales verfügbar und bekommt damit bei Erwerb die Lifesime Insurance. Mit 86 Euro schlägt er auch nicht so viel zu Buche wie andere LTI Schiffe und ist damit für Leute mit etwas weniger Geld auf der hohen Kante von Interesse. Wem das allerdings immer noch zu teuer aber im Grunde nichts gegen Gewinnspiele hat, sollte sich auch den Observer Test anschauen.
In diesem Minispiel müsst ihr die Silhouette von Schiffen richtig erkennen und erlangt damit die Chance eine Hawk zu gewinnen.
>>Observer Test
Updated for Terrapin, Hammerhead and Hawk.