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Topic: Gamescom, who is going? :) (Read 2243 times) previous topic - next topic

Gamescom, who is going? :)

And should we do something pitchfork related there? :) I am planning to at least wear the pitchfork t-shirt (if it gets here on time) if they are doing a beergarten event. And If LelesP is coming he can present the Pitchfork. But are there any other ideas?

Re: Gamescom, who is going? :)

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I'll be there. I've pre-ordered OPPF T-Shirts (variant 1) but I don't know if I get them in time.

Re: Gamescom, who is going? :)

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My pitchfork shirt arrived today just in time ;)

Re: Gamescom, who is going? :)

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Me and 4 guys from our outfit wil also be there.

Windbouren Highlanders - Lost Division.

Hope to see some pitchforkers threre.


Re: Gamescom, who is going? :)

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Had a great Time there.

CIG People recognizing me was amazing and filled me up with honor.