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Topic: starting to go off SC forums... (Read 2271 times) previous topic - next topic

starting to go off SC forums...

So yeah... You try to post something constructive and have a good discussion about pros and cons, and all you get is morons spouting the same things over and over again and getting irate whenever you don't agree with them... Words and phrases like arcade, easymode, dumbing down, not sim enough etc need to have a maximum number of times they can be used by each user... I just hope the more verbal morons don't get CIG's ear and drag SC in a bad direction :(

Re: starting to go off SC forums...

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It's probably best to continue to provide feedback and ideas while ignoring the ones who are clearly trolling.

Re: starting to go off SC forums...

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As soon as you see people with a 6k post count posting a wall of text with subjective opinions that entirely misses the point, it's time to abandon thread.