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Guidlines and Suggestions


This section of the forums is for multi-player team ups, so we can meet up with other forkers when we have available time in common and  can fly together in in Arena Commander (a.k.a. the DFM) 

Not to get too wrapped around the axle, but here are a couple of ground rules.
1 Basic forum courtesy 
2 Please no spamming
3 If you create a thread, you cam modify it as times and dates change.
4 Please look before you post, there may already be a thread in your time slot and interest
5 Please include date, time, Location (Ping), and Game type/ Interest - (Capture the Core, Training and tactics development, Racing etc).

*We don't know how big a factor Ping is going to be, so if you have a friend in Germany and you're in Hawaii give it a shot :) 
Pitchfork Belongs to all of us