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JD's Idea Listings.. Media works..

Well as many of you know I have some long listing's and Idea's for Media and Music idea's and its been for a long while. I felt it would be best to keep a Thread open to it so I know I wouldn't loose it and so others could get a feel for what I was getting at if others make references to it later or to other folks.

But, the key notes and quickie bullet points from me on my Idea's has always BEEN!

  • Movie Tone News Reels - (Similar in design and feel as the old Fox Movie Tone Movie News Shows with the music mono filter and brown hue filtering for the video news)

  • Live Radio Streaming - (I talked about a live radio broad cast sorta similar to an ARMED Radio news feed for Live in the verse during the full 72 Operation of Pitchfork)

  • Promotional Video's for Pitchfork - (Something Similar to all the other Game Company adds you have seen before like Halo: Reach or something close to an action shorts)

  • Music Recording and Writing - (I talked about eventually getting around to getting help with any other composers out there for music for or about pitchfork or just Humanity themed against the Vanduul)

Well I compiled the list but I plan to touch up on it when I have the time .... more then likely I will be needing help for the idea's posted and wanted to give a head's up that wanted to help in getting these idea's started off once we have access to the assets and resources and info for the game.

Plenty of these idea's are VERY early in the game's development stage but its never to late to plan ahead for music and/or animation work.

If you like the idea feel free to chip in the idea's I plan to update with the posts that I focused in on for my idea's and plans for any work that will take plenty of planning.

for example:
I honestly took the time to listen through the Wolfmother Album again while at school and I just pictured a possible Animation Capture video for a Demo Team on Tiber planet attempting to take out a Harvester but having to much death all around them to come back alive. But, plenty of combat in it, and slow motion effects and what not .... I can't wait till we get the tools to allow for us to do Movie productions with more assets.

Edit: also forgot to reference the Live Radio stream music listing that I have listed so far ....

Re: JD's Idea Listings.. Media works..

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I vote for Radio Free Orion. Maybe something we can do weekly, starting a couple of months before OPPF kicks off, and culminating with a D-Day style address as we kick off

Re: JD's Idea Listings.. Media works..

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Great ideas, would love to work on some inspirational music for the ads/promotional videos!