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Command Structure for Indy / Lone Wolf

Hey guys, just curious as to what (if any) plans are in place for organizing the various independent and lone wolf pilots. Will there actually be anybody the LW's can answer to or are we more or less on our own? In terms of SAR and recon, is there a pipeline of communication set up so we can get where we need to be and pass along vital information?

It might be a little early to worry about this, as there is so much we still don;t know in the way of game mechanics, but I would think that the sooner we can get all these lone wolfs running as a pack, the better we will operate come game time.  I really just don;t want the indy's and lw's to be an after thought to the battle, sitting on the back lines with no info coming down and no real objective within the larger task force.

Re: Command Structure for Indy / Lone Wolf

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Maybe we could create some volunteer squadrons for lone wolfs who want to organize :) I call dibs on the '45th' volunteer squad  ;)

Actually that is not a bad idea, we could use a volunteer/experimental squadron to test battle theories and other questions like: "how many torpedoes does it take to destroy a carrier"

Re: Command Structure for Indy / Lone Wolf

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That was the primary purpose of the Lonewolves and Independents Board, so everyone who is flying solo could find other like minded pilots and form up into self-appointed units. So you guys are totally using it as it's meant to be!

Re: Command Structure for Indy / Lone Wolf

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This is something that came up in a forum post on the Command board. We simply don't have an idea of how to organize LWs. Furthermore, we don't know how the LWs want to be organized. Same-ship and same-time-zone squadrons? Same time zone flights? No organization, just have a bunch of LWs hanging around and hope we can contact them when we need reinforcements?
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Re: Command Structure for Indy / Lone Wolf

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Yeah, it looks like it may be difficult to get the indys organized. There are a ton of indy pilots on the spreadsheet, but theres not a lot of activity on the forums, hopefully as we get closer to launch, we'll get more folks involved.

For now, theres a few different squadrons forming up. I know we have an sar squadron and a convoy fleet being built, but beyond that, the lack of communication from the indys will make real planning kind of a crap shoot. I think our best bet would be to treat the indys as supplemental additions that, if they want to, can put with any unit that needs extra ships.  That way we're not relying on them to be at certain place at a certain time. When we are ready to launch, we should create a specif8c mumble channel for any unaffiliatedpiltos, and they can group up together, or any units needing help can jump in there to recruit volunteers.

I think though, that most of the indys are going to be complete wild cards and any of the piltos that arnet joining the indy squadrons could really end up anywhere.

Also, im a  little worried that a some of the indy pilots are actually part of trident and theyre not getting involved with the planning becaus theyre go8ng to attack us as soon as we form up. Hopefully not, but i think its something we should be ready for.

Ill keep the command group appraised as to waht we get going with the sar squadron, but beyond that, i dont know how oranized the indy pilots able get.

Re: Command Structure for Indy / Lone Wolf

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I forgot to add that as far as squad composition goes, at least for the sar sqaudron, we are looking to group by role more than specific ship type. The thinking there being that sar ops will need a variety of ships from transports to fighter escorts. I would prefer to not limit the types of ships that are attached to the sar team.

Re: Command Structure for Indy / Lone Wolf

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Yes, the role thing is good. And for having a command structure or so: Just forget it. We do it like anonymous: Someone announces something and if you like to join, join, otherwise ignore that command. ;)

Re: Command Structure for Indy / Lone Wolf

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Search And Rescue.

Now my organization, Skyhound United, is going to operate as a Freelancer support unit. We'll run ground troops onto the planet, bring back wounded, and help run ammo/fuel to the frontlines

We're working on our history/manifest stuff, but if you are interested in joining us as affiliates(no pressure to be a permanent member or nothing, just for OPPF, helping organize the Lone Wolves). Then you are more than welcome to fly your own ship, crew one of ours, or whatever. This way at least we can all have some organization going on in there.

but other than that, I'm still learning my way around this forum, so apologies for not helping increase activity as much as i'd prefer

Re: Command Structure for Indy / Lone Wolf

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The way to organise LWs is to utilise the "service  beacon" system. Players will be able to broadcast jobs available. Say you wanted to assemble a squadron out of LW's All you need to do is have one person (who will be the leader) broadcast a service request for an escort or bodyguard detail with the prefix OPPF. If it turns out having an amount is a required field. Make it a nominal amount (1UEC). Now this service beacon job will assemble the required people around the person advertising the request (the leader) similar to how looking for raid in WoW advertises and and lets you assemble a raid group around the raid leader.

Anyway for people "in party" there will be ways to coordinate QD jumps and there should be ingame party Comms etc... so now you've assembled a LW squadron how to coordinate it with the larger effort? Easy, the leader is in vent listening to where they are needed/ being told to go and relaying directions to his party. All that's required is a vent command channel and the ingame job service network.  To assemble the groups I could see 'recruiters' sitting in high traffic areas broadcasting the service request and when the group is ready heading in to support whatever action the command channel is talking about at the time.

Say you were a LW SF captain wanting to run supplies to the frontline. Same deal, be in command vent, broadcast the escort request in the service beacon net with the prefix OPPF. Boom you're off. Any LWs asking how to join up to support a OPPF effort can just be directed to the nearest staging point where OPPF jobs are being broadcast.

Re: Command Structure for Indy / Lone Wolf

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Saylor should just set up a lone wolf corp for this op and disband when it is over.
Or organize within his current org that he made for the operation.