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Re: The Next Great Starship Contest

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You have a point there and also 2 minutes is hugely long time to be disabled in a dogfight, but seriously bombers should never go anywhere without escorts anyways.

But yeah, suggestions? I'd like to keep the cripple even if it's just 9 seconds which I consider being bare minimum and bringing ship to 1 railgun shot for 30 sec which is not so bad, but not huge either.

Re: The Next Great Starship Contest

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9 seconds is much more realistic. I think you could get away with having reduced manouverability for that time whilst the reactor gets charge back up and you're running on emergency batteries but I REALLY hate the cripple idea. Give me 9 seconds against a shut down target (even with ships protecting them) and they're toast. All I have to do is lock a couple of missiles onto you whilst you're floating, turn and burn and watch you explode on my rear cameras.