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Topic: The Synthesis Project (Phase 1) :IN AFFECT (Read 3870 times) previous topic - next topic

The Synthesis Project (Phase 1) :IN AFFECT

Codename: The Synthesis Project, Phase 1

So I m putting together a top secret project for us diplomats to increase the diplomacy possibility in Star Citizen. The most I can tell about this project is that we will be meeting to discuss major topics in Star Citizen that could affect the whole universe. So join me in  helping to create such a project. To learn more please submit your diplomats from your clans or yourself if you are a diplomat, and you will receive a package to guide you through the beginning of the largest undertaking that Star Citizen will ever achieve... you don't want to miss this!

-Ambassador of The DigiRev Confederation,
Any Questions or Requests please go to the TS3 channel:

Re: Operation Synthesis (Phase 1) Calling all Diplomats

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I'm both boss, diplomat and curious. Send me a package.

Re: Operation Synthesis (Phase 1) :IN AFFECT

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I'm wondering if you actually have something to offer, or you're just hoping to start something that runs itself.

Re: Operation Synthesis (Phase 1) :IN AFFECT

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Well to be honest I m not exactly sure what you mean BUT, concerning the last part i m not going to start this and leave it to die. Everyone who has heard the plan thus far has been in the least bit intrigued and most like the actual idea. I was reserved about putting the full plans out because Im still looking for my boss to go ahead and do mass recruiting, which will probably be sometime this week because our website is still in progress, and its so new we want to be strong before going live. (But I am in talks with a few clans so that we do build a base of clans though, a small amount of openings are still available by the way.)

I think it is a great idea that will help everyone who is a part of it but I wont lie we are still working out a few kinks but its gonna be awesome.

Re: Operation Synthesis (Phase 1) :IN AFFECT

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I dunno, I still don't think it's going to end up being anything more than another PACT or Exchange... but like I said, good luck with it.

Re: Project Synthesis (Phase 1) :IN AFFECT

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Project Synthesis: Announcement

Project Synthesis is the creation of the UGC, or the United Galactic Council. And the USCC, the United Star Citizen Council

In creation the main purpose of this body is to promote peaceful negotiations between alliances, or clans in a peaceful and safe environment.
The ensuring of basic rights, and security for all.
The ability and right of free speech.
The encouragement, and support of other organizations that also strive for these goals.
The development of free trade, and prosperity.
The possibility of agreed upon international (inter-clan) laws.

The UGC, as well as containing the USCC, will have:
a General Assembly room for meetings
a trade room (for non-diplomats to engage conversations with diplomats)
a situation room (for military leaders wishing to seek diplomatic advise, or help)
a lounge (for public use, to access what is happening)
Public and private offices for all ambassadors registered for personal use
Organizational Offices for those who have registered for personal use (like PACT, or OP:PF)

Do not be discouraged, this is not a military based alignment, this is a forum to promote peace and prosperity for all those willing to join.

Our Teamspeak 3 is online :
Our website is online: (still a work in progress, but registration works)
my email is also an option at :

We are a new organization with high dreams that are very possible, please if you have any questions log onto the teamspeak I will answer anything to the best of my ability.
Thank you,

Re: Operation Synthesis (Phase 1) :IN AFFECT

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So this is another organization that seems to pretty much be exactly like PACT... The lawless orgs aren't going to follow rules. They exist for the explicit reason to break said laws and pirate. Also, without a military alliance there is no way to enforce your rules. As written it will either end up a Lawful only group or will have no power to do anything as there is no commitment to actually follow through with any decision since there is no way to enforce said decision.

Re: Operation Synthesis (Phase 1) :IN AFFECT

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I agree Jonais those who do not create the laws feel no need to follow them. But, to start off with the laws function is for later, its is not as important as the other functions. Because laws can only be created for those with in any organization, however the idea was that if it is agreed upon by those present and those who say yes. Further more like I said before the law portion of the organization is going to be an effect of this, its not that laws are only going to be what this is for no its the ideal of a place where democracy can thrive. After speaking to multiple members of different clans, the idea of this has been catching on. We are no PACT yes, but we dont want to be either, we dont want to be restrained by military strength. (however we do accept their support and cooperation)

Essentially this is new, no one has anything else like this. Law does not equal IGSCUN, IGSCUN equals diplomacy and peace. Dont mix PACT and IGSCUN as the same because they serve completely different functions. PACT is an alignment, IGSCUN is a forum. They are different, they will hopefully work together, and PACT members are welcome, as I assume IGSCUN members would be welcome in PACT, and they have a similar goal, but different means to reach that end.

Re: Operation Synthesis (Phase 1) :IN AFFECT

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Let me know when you have any of the major guilds onboard, and I'll take another look.

Re: The Synthesis Project (Phase 1) :IN AFFECT

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This is a sort of Babylon 5 idea? Could be interesting indeed, but I fear a lot of lawless guilds will use it to stab you in the back anyway.

Re: The Synthesis Project (Phase 1) :IN AFFECT

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Well I dont know how they could its not like they have access to my guilds finances or resources they can only go through our necessary channels to do that, no this is for all clans to be able to have access to a central hub of diplomats for all the above reasons. But if you see a possibility please elaborate so we can rectify the possibility, thank you.

Re: The Synthesis Project (Phase 1) :IN AFFECT

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It's an interesting idea, one I was hoping someone would do. To make it a working idea though is going to take a tremendous amount of work. I really hope you guys are able to pull it off. I don't represent my organization here, but I will ask someone from there who does to take a look at this. No promises though.