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Ships with Jump Engines in their default loadout

Per here:

Quote from: devoinc

The short of it is, if you don't see a jump drive/engine listed in the specs, then one will need to be purchased/obtained for that ship before it can leave the system. While we haven't finalized prices, the cost to obtain one will not be high.

Not all ships will come with Jump Engines, but all ships (except for the P52) will be capable of holding them

Quote from: Rob Irving

So, for the 315p... We did inadvertently leave off the jump drive on that ship. Just an oversight. We're human. Sorry about that. (And the stats of the power plant didn't really change, Corwin: it just got a new name when we had to make some tweaks to our ship equipment system.)

Same with the Idris, actually.

So this leaves the following ships possessing a Jump Drive in their standard insured configuration

* Aurora LX
* Origin 315p
* F7C-M Superhornet
* MISC Freelancer (mentioned in an interview as 'the largest that can navigate new jump points')
* RSI Constellation
* Idris (presumably all variants)

This is something you will want to consider if you are going to be taking part in scouting operations.

Re: Ships with Jump Engines in their default loadout

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I wish my F7C-S came with a jump drive. I'll either have to stock up on jump drives or stealth plating for my recon trips with my F7C-S or F7C-M. We'll have to see which option is cheaper when the game kicks off, but I'm thinking the S will be the better option since it already has all those stealth capabilities and will only have to have a jump drive installed to do what we need it to do.

Re: Ships with Jump Engines in their default loadout

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O yeah thanks for posting that here I almost forgot to plan for that... Ship configuration and options will also be a key to this plan as well...

Jump Drives can still be important but if some one goes with out them there is still the risk that they can't return if they are with others in an Idris and the Idris is lost during the fight.. So planning ahead may be in order.

Re: Ships with Jump Engines in their default loadout

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At least jump drives aren't supposed to cost a ton.  Definitely will need considering.  I imagine for many it will be one of the first things they buy though.


Re: Ships with Jump Engines in their default loadout

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Handy list, thanks!

I'm glad to see so many of my preferred/owned ships are on there.